Best Espresso Machine

Espresso Machine: The Comparison

What if you brought this captivating scent and incomparable taste of a good Italian espresso home with a traditional espresso machine? Our site gives you the best advice for choosing the right device for your needs and budget.

What Is An Espresso Machine?

It is an electrical appliance used to prepare a coffee rich in aroma. The preparation is then done thanks to the percolator principle which exerts a strong vapor pressure on the coffee for a few seconds.

Espresso Machine: The Comparison
Espresso Machine: The Comparison

Hence the 15 bar espresso machines which allow you to obtain an intense and tight coffee as in cafes. Depending on the model of the device, some use capsules and pods, while others require the use of ground or bean coffee.

What Is The Best Espresso Machine?

Look no further, Comparatif-Multicuiseur has selected for you the best espresso machines of the moment.

How To Choose A Good Espresso Machine?

The Options

The Italian espresso machine comes in a wide variety of models, with different options and features that you can often find useful. Automatic devices are certainly the most practical since they use capsules or pods.

Espresso Machine: The Comparison
Espresso Machine: The Comparison

Thus, the user will no longer need to adjust the quantity of coffee suitable for a single cup, unlike the use of an espresso bean machine which requires more handling. In addition, the combined espresso machine is particularly recommended for those who like to vary the pleasures, because it allows a double preparation of each type of coffee.

Certain functions such as the grain grinder, the milk frother, the choice of the length of the coffee are also essential points which can influence your choice. Of course, it is always better to have a screen to facilitate the control of the device and the selection of programs.

In fact, in addition to the manual models, most classic espresso machines offer various pre-saved recipes for easier preparation of coffee, espresso, tea, hot chocolate and others.

Espresso Machine: The Comparison
Espresso Machine: The Comparison

If you have a semi-automatic device, you can then favor the recipe memorization function to facilitate your next preparations.

And for practicality, there are machines equipped with cup warmers, an automatic dosing function for ground or brewed coffee or a double cup rest to be able to serve two cups at the same time. The automatic shutdown function is also very popular, especially for models of devices allowing the preparation of a large quantity of coffee collected in a jug.

Design And Ease Of Maintenance

Today, espresso makers are no longer content to create a quality product for the sole purpose of offering good espresso coffee to consumers. Indeed, they do everything to attract customers at first glance by offering them beautiful machines designed in more attractive shapes and colors.

Espresso Machine: The Comparison

Far from us the little sought after design of the traditional espresso machine made in a cubic shape, with a good old steel frame and a very simple ABS coating. So now you have a wide choice of models for the design of your future jewelry.

Delonghi espresso machines are however the best known for their classic design, designed in fairly cubic lines and in sober colors like gray, black and white. They are particularly suitable for those who favor the efficiency of a coffee machine with a grinder.

On the other hand there are also brands that offer tools with a more sophisticated and rounded design. And for people looking for modernity or who want to enhance their device at all costs, we recommend the jura espresso machines. The latter have perfectly worked lines, even on the back cover and the use of quality materials is easy to see.

On the cleaning side, it must be ensured that your appliance is equipped with removable accessories in order to guarantee in-depth maintenance. This is very important to maintain the performance of your espresso machine and the quality of your coffees.

Thus, most automatic coffee makers have a manual cleaning system, while some models, such as the tassimo espresso machines, have automatic cleaning systems using tablets. The main thing is to regularly change the filter cartridge, carry out descaling, clean the milk circuit. In all cases, the best would be to choose a device with a systematic cleaning and rinsing program to make your life easier.

The Tank Capacity Of The Machine

It is essential to choose the device that most closely matches your daily need in terms of cup of coffee. Whether you live alone or with others, with large consumers of coffee, there is something for all needs, because the capacity of the water tank can vary from 1 liter to 5 liters depending on the model.

It is the same for the bean container which can contain between 125 g and 500 g. We would like to inform you that in general, a small 125 g container will be clearly sufficient for a consumption of 5 coffees per day and a 250 g bean container will make approximately 15 to 20 cups of coffee per day.

Why Buy An Espresso Machine?

Cafes With Authentic Flavors

The use of a bean espresso machine does indeed have very great advantages, particularly in terms of the taste of coffee obtained. First of all, you should know that coffee retains all of its flavors better in its bean form.

And thanks to the built-in grinder of the automatic espresso machine, you will enjoy a creamy and flavorful cup of coffee right after the coffee beans are ground.

And on top of that, you have a wide choice of high-end coffee, whether it’s 100% Arabica, black coffee, organic coffee, Italian blends, or decaffeinated and flavored.

Many Interesting Features

With an automatic espresso machine, you are sure to enjoy the cup of coffee that will please you the most.

Indeed, it is a device that offers a set of very practical settings and programming allowing you to make a drink exactly to your taste. Therefore, whether you are a big fan of classic coffee, ristretto, espresso, lungo, macchiato, latte or cappuccino, the device will satisfy all your desires.

In addition, the quantity of drink prepared is much greater compared to those prepared with a conventional espresso machine which uses pods intended for making small cups.

Which Espresso Machine To Choose?

Discover the best and most popular lever espresso machines of the moment.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Espresso Machine

The price varies enormously depending on the model of the device, when you know that there are different types of espresso machines.

You can therefore easily find them from 30 euros, up to more than 2500 euros for high-end espresso machines.

However, do not let yourself be tempted by the low prices of entry-level models, because only the machines offered from a hundred euros are the most recommended for the quality they represent. Note also that pod or capsule devices equipped with grinders are much more expensive.

How To Use An Espresso Machine?

The first step is to read the user manual for your machine, as the manual may differ from one model to another. In general, you will first need to adjust the coffee grinder to refine the grind.

And for that, set your mill on the 2nd notch starting from the finest so that the coffee beans are neither too large nor too fine. Then start the preparation by switching on your machine half an hour before using it. Run water in to heat the mechanism of the device and collect the hot water obtained in the cup that will be used to drink your coffee.

Then fill the tank with filtered water and the filter holder with the amount of coffee suitable for your preparation. A cup of coffee requires approximately 7 g of ground espresso. Insert the filter holder into the head once it is packed and ready for use. Switch on the machine and place your cup underneath. When you have obtained your coffee, do not forget to switch off your machine before enjoying your espresso.

How To Maintain Your Espresso Machine?

What To Do

Make sure that the water tank is always emptied when the appliance is not in use. It is the same for the bean container and the coffee receptacle which must not contain any drink for more than 24 hours.

If possible, always use filtered water or a filter cartridge to prevent your machine from scaling up quickly.

And for the location, avoid placing the coffee machine too close to a stove so as not to risk damaging these components.


Ideally, clean your espresso machine after each use. Proceed by operating the device with water for a few minutes. The water tank and the filter can be washed in the dishwasher. To degrease your appliance, you can use a detergent once a month to remove fat deposits. Also remember to clean the steam wand with water and rinse aid.


Regular and intensive use of the espresso machine requires weekly descaling. For this, we strongly recommend the use of white vinegar, because it is corrosive. Gel or tablet descalers are the most recommended for this type of appliance. Proceed by filling the water tank in which you will add the descaler and operate the machine until the deposit disappears.