Best Ergonomic Pillow

Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison and Review – Which to choose?

They are often back pain which we decide to change if the ergonomic pillow can relieve us, as our review habitudes.Et as we seek to improve our comfort, it is better not to be mistaken and buy a pillow shape memory that we really do good. But how to choose? How to know if this pillow will be good for us?

It is to answer these questions I’ve concocted you a buying guide on the ergonomic pillows. I suggest you understand what specific type of pillow and know how to find out what ergonomic pillow buy.

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This Qu’Est-Qu’Un Ergonomic Pillow?

Initially ergonomic pillows were designed for medical purposes. Today they are available to all.

These are wave-shaped pillows. This is to properly calibrate and maintain head and spine aligned. Thus we can reduce the pain in the neck, shoulders and even the back. This is why we also use the term “neck pillow” to refer to.

We talk pillow shape memory because it does not cup. As soon as you get up, or simply when changing position while sleeping, the pillow regains its original shape. And this is possible with various types of density, it is not restricted to hard pillows.

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Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

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How To Choose Her Pillow Shaped Memory?

It is very important to choose an ergonomic pillow. Indeed, everyone has a different morphology or the same sleep patterns. This is why there is not a universally appreciated pillow. To make your choice, I advise you to browse the following criteria and establish your own comparison. You can take as a starting point means your budget to decide between the many models.

The density

Do you prefer a soft pillow or hard? To this we must look at the density is expressed in kg / m³. This density can vary from 50 to 90 kg / m³ and if the information is not given, it must look at the weight of the pillow. The heavier it is, the more dense. In flexible models, we recommend the ZenPur® which has a density of 50 kg / m³. But beware, a soft pillow is soft, but it offers less maintenance. It is particularly recommended for those who sleep on their stomachs.

The thickness

The thickness is expressed in cm and it is the height of the pillow. However as it has a wave-shaped, two see three measures are available: the low point and the top. And some pillows have “peaks” of vague different heights on one side and the other to suit a maximum of person. Moreover, it is considered not to be more than 6 cm to those who sleep on their stomachs and ideally it takes more than 9 cm to those who sleep on their side. But we must also take into account your build. If you menu, a pillow over 9 cm will not be comfortable.

The materials

The filling of the pillow is made of foam. It is quality that makes the quality of the pillow. The ideal is to opt for a model 100% viscoelastic. Regarding the envelope, several options are available: synthetic, cotton, piping, etc.


Almost all the pillows are covered: hypoallergenic, antibacterial, etc. Check what is proposed in the model of your choice, and what is being treated, the cover or foam.

The Interview

The foam can not wash or move machine. So it is really important to have a pillow whose cover is removable to wash it. Also check how she washes (machine? at what temperature?).

The Ventilation

Here is a criterion on which most manufacturers are quite discreet. The idea is if the pillow will keep you warm and promote sweating. For this, the ideal is to consult the opinions of customers.

Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

The Top 10 Best Selling On Ergonomic Pillows

To allow you to purchase quickly your ergonomic pillow, I suggest that you browse this selection. These are the 10 best shape memory pillows by users who have shared their opinions on Amazon. Bestsellers this shop are also used as a criterion for selection.

They combine all comfort and low price, the two criteria are preferred when buying something. This top 10 is frequently updated to include only the best pillows.

Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Ergonomic Pillow 2020: Comparison And Review - Which To Choose?

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Why Buy An Ergonomic Pillow In Form Of Memory?

A neck pillow brings a relief to those who suffer from back, neck and / or shoulders. While it is often recommended for older people, in reality it is suitable for all adults.

It will provide a little time to adapt, but then quickly, you will gain in quality of sleep, comfort and therefore physical well-being.

The ergonomic pillows are chosen according to each. So if you like to order two (you and your spouse) do not feel you have to choose the same two. Then everyone will have his pillow and you probably will not want to share.

At the same time, be sure to check out the best pillow to not miss anything. Other accessories to enhance your sleep are also presented in our category on the bed linen

Where To Buy An Ergonomic Pillow?

In principle we should be able to buy an ergonomic pillow in our favorite store, whether Ikea, Conforama, Auchan, Goal, Carrefour, La Redoute, Lidl, Leclerc, etc. But you can also just go to Amazon and buy a few clicks away at any time of the day or night.

The Price Of A Cervical Pillow Ergonomic In Form Of Memory?

It is possible to buy ergonomic pillows for about 25 € coin. However these are pillows with a low density, which will not necessarily good. It takes at least fifty euros, or more.

If you buy online (on amazon or even another site, I think everyone does), we must look at the recommended retail price. So our heart stroke, the pillow Tampor normally costs € 90, this detail is reassuring even if ultimately we are happy not buy it for 40 €.

What Are The Best Pillow Ergonomic Brands?

Some brands have really been able to get a place and get consumer recognition. Here is the most famous of them:

Ergonomic Pillow Tempur

This French brand is dedicated to the comfort of bed. With the collection of ergonomic pillows Tempur, you have access to a wide selection for everyone to find what suits him best.

Ergonomic Pillow Dodo

Ergonomic pillow DoDo always a small price. This is its greatest asset. It is also a consumer brand, easily accessible, since sold everywhere.

Ergonomic Pillow Dunlopillo

Dunlopillo offers primarily classical pillows or with various options. It is a little more difficult to find an ergonomic pillow dunlopillo. For this brand is known for the quality mattress.

Ergonomic Pillow Sissel

The ergonomic pillow Sissel is produced by a Swedish company whose priority is the welfare. So it does not offer conventional pillows, but the physiotherapy equipment, yoga, etc.

Ergonomic Pillow Abeil

The ergonomic pillow Abeil is mid-range. This will buy a quality pillow without breaking the bank. And they are all Oeko-Tex certified, that is to say, respectful of our planet and our well-being.

Ergonomic pillow Bultex

This brand is so famous that I doubt it is really necessary to present. Ergonomic pillow bultex enjoys all the knowledge of the brand and its scientific approach to create each product, all made in France.

The Ergonomic Pillow Is It Effective In Relieving?

The ergonomic pillow allows you to sleep in a position that is good for the body, ie aligning the spine and neck. It allows to reduce back pain, stiff neck, neck pain. And the consequences go further, as it also relieves the legs and migraines in some cases. It is even recommended for pregnant women.

Or Pillow Ergonomic Shaped Memory

The pillow shape memory regains its shape when you move to offer a permanently maintaining quality. Most pillows are ergonomic shape memory. The reverse is not true. All shape memory pillows are not ergonomic.

So to relieve neck, you have an ergonomic pillow. For just slightly better comfort, you can choose a shape memory pillow.

Ergonomic Pillow For Or Against

One of the main arguments of those who did not support the ergonomic pillow is that it is too hard. Yet the best brands offering pillows with varying densities to suit the majority.

There are no age, no cons-indication to the ergonomic pillow. Everyone agrees that it brings a real well-being to the body. But it actually requires a little adjustment period that everyone does not exceed.

Difference Between Ergonomic Pillow And Anatomical

Initially the two terms had different pillows and contractors distinct pain. The must was then the anatomical pillow that is designed to support gently and firmly the body. However the use of certain materials such as viscoelastic, that many ergonomic pillows are at the limit of being anatomical pillows. The distinction is increasingly blurred, including (especially?) For manufacturers who must appoint their products.

How Sleeping On A Pillow Ergonomic?

That’s the big question: how to sleep well with ergonomic pillow? Is everyone can really enjoy it? I offer you to understand the impact of this pillow your sleep according to your preferred positions:

Ergonomic pillow which way to put

It’s easy to know how to position an ergonomic pillow since it has a shape that allows it to follow the shape of the neck. Thus the “bump” the highest should stall at the neck. However some ergonomic cushions have two bumps (or waves) to choose the height that suits us best.

ergonomic pillow to sleep on the side

This is the most used position and that is that manufacturers have in mind when designing their ergonomic pillows. Simply lay your head on it and slip into the arms of Morpheus.

ergonomic pillow to sleep on your stomach

To sleep on your stomach, do not take the first comer ergonomic pillow. Indeed it might be too high and therefore uncomfortable. We must seek the pillow as low as possible, wide enough and soft.

ergonomic pillow to sleep on the back

This is the healthiest position, but not the most common. To sleep comfortably you have to find an ergonomic pillow of about 8 cm, not more.

What Pillow Pillow Pillow For An Ergonomic?

It is mandatory pillowcase for ergonomic pillow, since this is a difficult accessory to maintain. Generally brands think to give the necessary dimensions for the pillowcase. Indeed the height of the pillow false measurements. Consider choosing a nice fabric and organic, to enjoy the benefits of ergonomic cushion.

How to Maintain and Clean A Pillow Ergonomic

The pillow itself should not be washed. Just air it and put it in the time of sun time. That’s why you always put him a bag that will be easy to wash it. Know that if you spend your pillow machine, it will lose its shape and some of its properties.

Ergonomic Pillow Is It For The Money Back Safely

In some circumstances a refund of social security can be achieved for ergonomic pillow. But this requires to have an order and buy on sites or in stores dedicated to the medical world. It is also imperative asked CERFA slip to begin the claim.

The Different Models Ergonomic Pillow

Depending on options included, ergonomic pillow can enter a specific category. I propose to decipher the most used technical language.

Ergonomic Pillow In Form Of Memory

Ergonomic pillow shape memory returns to its original shape as soon as it rises. This will not see deform over the nights and so we more fully enjoy its benefits.

Cervical Pillow Ergonomic

The full name is ergonomic pillow cervical, although some only speak of ergonomic neck pillow or pillow. This is all the pillows in this guide.

Ergonomic Latex Pillow

When speaking of ergonomic latex pillow, we are interested in the natural material that constitutes the whole. This material is comfortable and durable as resistant.

Ergonomic Pillow Children

This is not the most common, but it is quite possible to choose an ergonomic pillow child. Its height will be adapted to the morphology of a child, but it is best to double-check the dimensions before you buy.

Ergonomic Pillow Bio

Ergonomic Organic pillow is made from organic materials. This means that it works the same way as the others, but the interior and outer shell were manufactured as respectfully as possible.

Ergonomic Pillow From Travel

One quickly gets used to this type of pillow, which is why some specifically want an ergonomic travel pillow. It is usually sold with a carrying bag to take little space as possible.

Anti Snore Pillow Ergonomic

The anti-snoring pillow ergonomic not exactly the same shape as the classic ergonomic pillow cervical. It is also slightly more expensive. It forces the sleeper to get into a position that reduces snoring.

Ergonomic Pillow Bamboo

Ergonomic pillow bamboo consists of bamboo fiber. This material is highly regarded for its natural appearance and especially its elasticity. Indeed this fiber comes more easily in place and is naturally antibacterial.

Ergonomic Pillow Aloe Vera

The ergonomic pillow aloe vera enjoy the benefits of these plants from hot countries. Indeed aloe vera is soothing (and healing) to the skin. Here it helps to have a soft, comfortable pillow rest easy.

Pillow Ergonomic Anti Mites

The ergonomic pillow anti mite is treated to prevent the installation of mites in the pillow. This format is highly recommended for allergy sufferers.

Where to Find a Good Pillow Ergonomic Cheap?

First and foremost, since it is here question of well-being and, in some way, health, do not want the lowest price imperatively. Indeed, this does not relieve correctly.

As against it is quite normal to try to see if we can buy quality for less. For that you need to shop during sales or seek out stocks of specials, shops that are closing, etc. Found on Amazon for example.


With an ergonomic pillow, it improves the quality of sleep and thus shape our everyday. I hope you will not hesitate too much and you buy one that reading this guide will allow you to choose the best pillow shape memory.