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Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances – Comparison

In seeking a solution to limit the time you spend to remove its hair, hair removal pulsed light is a very tempting alternative. This is indeed one of waxing that can make it yourself from home to space more hair regrowth. However pulsed light is to be handled with care because it can burn the skin and eyes, so it is essential to buy a secure device, not just performance.

That’s why we offer a selection brings together the best epilators pulsed light (IPL epilator also said) the time that our favorite IPL6750 Remington I-Light Prestige.

Find the answer to these questions and many more, while selecting your future hair removal pulsed light.

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Compare Pulsed Light Hair Remover / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Remington IPL6750 I-Light Prestige

Philips BRI922/00 Lumea Advanced

Equipped with 300 000 flashes, this epilator is suitable for the whole body, including the top of women’s lips with two application heads. It automatically adapts to the skin.

With a bulb of 35,000 flashes, apply it all over the body out sensitive areas. There are 5 levels of intensity, a 3 cm window and a storage case.

Complete box, the epilator comes with a cleaning brush face and a storage pouch. Side hair removal, the light bulb flashes 250,000 and two windows application.

The best mid-range

Remington IPL6750 I-Light Prestige

Equipped with 300 000 flashes, this epilator is suitable for the whole body, including the top of women’s lips with two application heads. It automatically adapts to the skin.

With a bulb of 35,000 flashes, apply it all over the body out sensitive areas. There are 5 levels of intensity, a 3 cm window and a storage case.

The best high-end

Philips BRI922/00 Lumea Advanced

Complete box, the epilator comes with a cleaning brush face and a storage pouch. Side hair removal, the light bulb flashes 250,000 and two windows application.

How Is Made The selection?

When talking about hair removal, we think first of all electric epilators or possibly wax. In both cases, this is tearing the hair to a smooth skin. If by the term chosen is “pulsed light hair removal,” the operation is radically different because at no time did the hairs are removed from the skin by the device.

Because if the specific use mode, it is necessary to take into account the specific characteristics to establish an objective comparison.

The light distribution must be done safely and only on the area treated. This is why it is necessary to look at what each epilator allows. By default, it is a product for the legs and large surfaces such as the back and chest. However the included accessories can allow waxing of finer areas like underarms or bikini.

The size of the window

window is called the zone of the epilator which broadcasts the flashes. This window can be long or short and wide and it plays much on areas of the body that can remove hair than speed. Indeed, if one wishes to remove hair back only (under a waxing for men), then we must emphasize the largest possible window. But for a bikini waxing, you need a little flash window. One of the alternatives is to buy a device with several interchangeable windows.

The intensity level

It is a difficult criterion to evaluate before the first purchase because the intensity is set according tingling feelings when using the epilator. The more levels, the better, even when the adjustment is automatic depending on the skin color. However in some cases all levels are very close and high and usage is so unpleasant. Check online reviews is then a real plus.

Each pulsed light hair removal works with a bulb that has a limited life. Unfortunately all manufacturers do not calculate this term in the same way. Some speak in number of flashes, others use numbers.

Another point of comparison for pulsed light hair removal devices is to see if the bulb can be changed and therefore it is possible to increase the product’s useful life.

Ergonomics and design

Pulsed light epilators often resemble a hairdryer thin and light. The handle which serves as handle can be shorter or longer, as the head which shows the flashes. This changes the handling and the ability to remove hair from areas difficult to access. A nose for a long handle is the ideal combination.

The color is not a relevant criterion to determine the efficacy of hair removal, but it’s always more fun to use a product that we find beautiful. If there is a choice as well enjoy it.

Options and accessories

Few options and accessories available with an epilator pulsed light. This often relates to the versatility of the device, that is to say the possibility of using it on different areas of the body. However one can also receive a storage bag or little more to improve the comfort of the grip.

Best Epilators Pulsed Light – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Ipl3500 Remington: The Best Cheap

Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

Window 3 cm² Compact case included Flashes fast results in 3 months

Not on sensitive areas

Remington offers with this epilator IPL IPL3500 a compact, easy to handle and efficient on men and women. This is indeed a machine to pluck large body areas. It is suitable on the legs than the arms and torso. As against it is not designed for sensitive areas such as the face and bikini.

This epilator is a small device. It is well in hand and it is easy to apply everywhere. It is also relatively light. However it needs to be plugged in permanently sector. For storage, a carrying case is included. It is discreet and strong, which also allows to take her to travel and not worry about the risk of damaging it.

The bulb included can broadcast up to 350 000 flashes. The application area has a total area of ​​3 cm². The flash frequency varies from 1 to 3.5 seconds. You can choose single or continuous diffusion of light flashes. At faster, it allows hair removal entire body in 20 minutes (excluding, as said before sensitive areas).

Clinical trials were carried out and announce visible results after 3 months. For this we must keep pace with one session every two weeks. The maximum obtained is a 92% reduction in hair growth, while the average is a hair reduction of 54%. Regardless of your skin and the density of your hair, so you will have the results properly and regularly using the device. For in the semi-permanent hair removal, consistency is essential, since we target the root of the hair, leaning on its pace of growth.

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2. fluoresc Series 2: No Alternative Dear

Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

Anti-aging and hair removal easy bulb change 20 to 25 flashes per minute Large window glasses included

Technically all epilators pulsed light are mixed since the operation is the same. However the model fluoresc series 2 is clearly designed for those with a preference for flowers and pink because of exterior finishes. On the other hand, is ornate without being overbearing and the design is rather the times with a fake vintage touch.

On top of that, it is a unit 2-in-1, ie with two different heads to choose to make a semi-permanent hair removal or skin rejuvenation. Warning, this is a special case because it is also possible to buy the pulsed light hair removal alone.

Side hair removal is a well-designed and practical epilator despite its low price. So on top it has an LCD display for all settings. There is the remaining number of flashes (there are 350 000 at the start), the intensity level, up the lamp type and evaluating your skin tone. The application window has an area of ​​4.5 cm². It can be applied all over the body, including sensitive areas like the bikini and top lip. The device broadcasts from 20 to 25 flashes per minute. This means that it takes about 6 minutes to provide a depilatory half leg.

The results are visible after 3 months of regular use. A complete program for the whole first year is given in the manual.

skin rejuvenation side, the light bulb has 95,000 flashes. The handling is the same and the operation based on light therapy. The format makes it convenient device for use on the face.

Glasses are included and it is really advisable to use them. The flashes are very bright and can damage the eyes (like skin under heavy use). This is also why it is necessary to experiment with the intensity to choose the one that best without trying to do more, to go faster.

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3. Ipl6750 Remington I-Light House: The Best Middle-End

Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

Several hair removal heads 300 000 flashes simple Flash or continuous storage case Beautiful Very ergonomic

No info about the bulb change

The epilator IPL IPL6750 Remington I-Light Prestige is a very comfortable model. In fact it has a basis on which to ask, but also on which to make settings. Also a good quality case allows store everything safely.

This epilator has two flash bulbs 150,000 each for a total of 300,000 flashes available. By the time the brand speaks for unlimited bulb, this is not the case. However this gives it such a long life (several years) we can assume that the manufacturer is considering other problems with the device before the bulb is the end of life.

To provide a hair removal safe for the body, Remington epilator has a skin color sensor. So it automatically adapts to the skin of each and even skin changes following the part of the body. It has a 3 cm window for large skin surfaces. And there’s a precision head for application to the face (for women only), on the underarms and bikini line. The epilator is a product for women and men, either, except the face. For this area, it is suitable only against women’s hair.

Dissemination of flashes can be simple or continuous. Next the head in place, the frequency of flashes is 2 to 4 seconds. It really is a secure system, however that does not mean that it is possible to use it in a hurry. For example it allows full hair removal bikini, only if you buy a pre-anesthetic cream pharmacy, you respect his instructions and you never use the device on the mucous membranes. For the face, it is advisable to wear a pair of goggles at the time of use. In return the results will be visible after three sessions.

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4. Braun Silk-Expert Pro 3 Pl3011: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

bag included Razor Venus offered 00 300 flashes 9 min. leg For sensitive areas

Bulb impossible to change

This is a pulsed light epilator Braun Silk-Expert Pro 3, more sophisticated and comprehensive than previous models of the same range. It receives all the necessary elements to make the semi-permanent hair removal, including a Venus razor, essential before the passage of the epilator.

This is a relatively compact device with a good grip. It is white with a purple border on parts. It has a bulb with a capacity of 300,000 flashes. Attention when the bulb is exhausted, it is impossible to change it. As against this should normally allow several years of treatment.

In order to simplify the use, this Braun epilator has a SensoAdapt sensor every time evaluates the coloration of the skin and adapts intensity. Thus the intensity is always good, we depilated legs, bikini line or underarms. Accessory, one receives a precision head that can also treat the face and more specifically the fuzz above the lips. It is a mixed unit, suitable both for women than for men.

accessory side, the last item included is a bag fabric. Moreover Braun has developed a free application for better monitoring sessions. While the results are visible within three months, this is only possible by strictly following the rhythm explained in the manual. For use against fast through continuous dissemination of flashes. It is thus possible to treat both legs in just 9 minutes.

Finally, note that this is a wired epilator. It must always be plugged in to work. Fortunately he has a long power cable that can sit comfortably.

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5. Philips Bri922 / 00 Lumea Advanced: The Best Premium

Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

Face Brush included storage pouch 2 application heads Very long electrical cable results in 3 sessions

non-replaceable bulb

This is a complete kit to take care of itself. Indeed, we received two different products. There is of course a full epilator IPL that supports all parts of the body. And there is also a cleaning brush for electric VisaPure face. In addition, the package includes a storage pouch made of fabric.

The Philips Lumea Advanced epilator is a mixed product that works on the legs, torso and on sensitive areas with a precision applicator head. The large head is 4 cm². The smallest features a main filter to target without damaging the skin. It is possible to make a full hair removal bikini with anesthetic cream. By cons it is not suitable for facial hair of men, that are too dark and dense and therefore do not allow the principle of pulsed light to function.

The device has a bulb 250 000 non replaceable flashes. This still allows regular use over several years. It’s a wired epilator with a very long power cable. It takes about 15 minutes for waxing lower legs.

The included brush is a waterproof device that can deep clean the pores of the face. It is a small product that is well in hand. It replaces manual cleaning (with gloves) and should only be used once a day to avoid irritating the skin. It’s a pretty basic brush and it is best suited for normal skin.

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6. Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 Pl5137: L’Alternative High The range

Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

400 000 flash mode slides very fast 10 intensity levels Result after 4 weeks Beautiful solid pocket

non-replaceable bulb

Here epilator IPL upscale Braun. It is elegant and efficient. Its format is the same as the range of below, but it golden finishes. Furthermore it comes with a matching pouch that is solid and durable, convenient for easy storage or to go on vacation. A Venus razor is also included, as well as a precision head.

In terms of performance, this epilator has a bulb flashes 400,000. This allows years of treatment and it is possible to be more in a home to use (spouses, sisters, whatever, because it is suitable for women and men). As against it is a pity that nothing is expected to change the bulb when it is worn.

There are 10 levels of intensity, but the setting is almost nonexistent. Indeed this has the epilator SensoAdapt sensor that measures the color of the skin and then choose the best intensity. It remains to choose between the soft mode and the super soft. This allows to use all over the body, including sensitive areas after the implementation of precision head. The great flashes of broadcast window measuring 3 cm, which is quite standard.

The speed of hair removal is not coming from the broadcast window, but the quality of the flashes. It is a epilator with a very good slide that sends flashes faster. Thus it is possible to remove hair from both legs in less than 5 minutes. This is one of the fastest currently available treatments. And the results are visible from 4 weeks of regular use.

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And why not…

Here are some more IPL epilators. These are very good choices even if they are not included in our top 6. If you are looking to buy during sales or Black Friday, you may be able to do very good business with its references.

Remington Ipl6250 I-Light Essentiel

The main advantage of the epilator Remington I-Light Essential is its format. This is a well thought out product at ergonomics, because we have a stand to hold and store safely the epilator. This also facilitates the setting. Moreover it is elegant and unisex, since it is designed in black and white. Everyone can enjoy it without asking any questions.

This is an epilator for the whole body, at least for all the areas located under the neck. It does not work on the face. It has a large flashes broadcast window, it measures 3 cm. There are five levels of intensity, to choose according to your skin, but especially depending on the treatment area. So on the jersey and armpits, it is best to start slowly. The epilator can send the flashes continuously or just send a simple flash, which has a duration of 3 seconds. The bulb has a capacity of 150,000 flashes.

Best Epilators Pulsed Light 2020 6 Efficient Appliances - Comparison

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IPL beyarera salanapra system 10000+

Here is the long Beurer model. This pulsed light hair removal has a bulb charge of 250,000 light pulses and it is possible to change oneself when it is time. The bulb is quite expensive, but less than a new device.

Another specificity is that the handling is quite similar to that of an electric hair remover, as the head of sending flashes is quite small and it is connected to a more substantial base from which the settings are carried out. You can choose between six different intensities. There is also a “lightning flash” option, which allows for continuous flashes and perform a full hair removal in 30 minutes. So it takes less than 10 minutes to remove hair half a leg.

The application area is extra large (XXL). It measures 7 cm and that is why it also receives a precision attachment. This reduces the flashes broadcast window and therefore depilated the whole body, including down on the face of women.

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Philips Bri956 / 00 World Prestige

The Philips Lumea Luxury epilator is a very comprehensive and above all extremely safe product for a semi-permanent hair removal from the body. Indeed, instead of fixing an accessory to reduce the area of ​​application, it directly receives four interchangeable tips. So we always use the best possible application window for safe hair removal, safe and pleasurable. There is a tip for the body (the largest) to the face, underarms and bikini line.

It also receives a storage case for all group together permanently. Furthermore, there is a premium epilator with a bulb with a power of 250,000 flashes. One can also choose from 5 intensity settings.

Another specificity of this IPL hair removal is that one can choose to use it by plugging the mains directly or wirelessly using its battery. By cons, it’s a pretty big and heavy product, which may require some practice before a good handling.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Use A Pulsed Light Hair Remover?

It is necessary to understand how such an epilator, because if it is not level, this will be impossible to drive. First of all it is necessary to shave the area targeted two or three days before the meeting. The pulsed light hair removal is done on clean, dry skin.

Then you select an intensity and put the epilator properly on the skin. Sending flashes may be continuous or intermittent, it must advance along the skin by this constraint. Do not go twice on the same area. Please allow 5 to 40 minutes for a session on both lower legs depending on the product purchased. When finished, clean the unit and store it until next time.

Pulsed Light Hair Removal How It Works?

The principle of pulsed light hair removal is based on sending light waves directly into the hair root. It is melanin that is targeted by the flash of light and that’s why this system does not work on the lighter hair. The heat wave will then burn the bulb and prevent its development that is to say the regrowth. It is necessary to have several sessions before visible results because all the hairs are not at the same stage of development at the same time.

Laser hair removal or Pulsed Light?

Laser hair removal is a truly permanent solution, but do practice that institute. The choice of either alternative is so depending on your opportunities to go to school, either in terms of mobility or in the budget. By cons must still note that laser hair removal is more painful and it sensitizes the skin to sunlight. This does not always suitable for everyone. On the other hand, laser hair removal is the only option for people with very light hair.

Braun epilator Pulsed Light or Philips?

Braun and Philips are two serious and reliable brands to invest in IPL epilator. In both cases, it is quite expensive devices, but they are designed to last and to give satisfaction in the first weeks. Each brand offers several different models. Difficult to make a choice for you and that’s why we advise you to be guided by your taste for design and handling of equipment, more than for a particular brand.

Conclusion: What Pulsed Light Hair Remover Buy In Us?

If we had to choose only one, it would be a Remington model, epilator IPL6750 I-Light Prestige. The format is really handy to make adjustments, but always check that the application area is in contact with the skin. We limit the contortions, really it feels a sophisticated camera just for oneself, which also works on the whole body. Also the price is quite correct.

However if you are looking above all cheaper because you wish to treat your legs, so much focus epilator Remington IPL3500 that is economical and effective.

Conversely, if you want to manage the entire body and test the principle of brushes for the face, so as to order the camera directly to pulsed light Philips BRI922 / 00 Lumea Advanced.