Best Electric Barbecues

Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews

Have you always wanted to organize a barbecue party at home, but don’t want to smother your neighbors with coal smoke? The apartment electric barbecue is for you. But before placing your order, here are some practical tips to help you make the right choice.

What Is An Electric Barbecue?

The electric barbecue is a device which, instead of grilling food with charcoal, works with a heating element system which returns its heat to the hob.

Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews
Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews

Simple, clean and easy to use, just plug it into an electrical outlet so that all grilled meat lovers can enjoy an evening of grilling indoors, on the balcony or in the garden. This type of device is available in several models that can meet all needs.

What Is The Best Electric Barbecue?

Our comparison table invites you to discover the best electric barbecues on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Electric Barbecue?

The Power

We always want to remind you that the power of an electrical appliance plays a big role in how quickly it raises the temperature and cooks food more efficiently. Electric barbecues under 1500 watts are therefore not recommended in order to avoid endless cooking expectations. The best would be to orient yourself towards a model with at least 2000 watts so that all your guests can feast fairly quickly.

Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews
Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews

We also recommend that you choose a machine with a thermostat to precisely control the ideal cooking temperature for each ingredient. So you will have no problem cooking different foods on your barbecue, be it red meats, fish, sausages and even vegetables.

The Cooking Surface

The models of grilling appliance also differ in their size which is characterized by the cooking surface used to accommodate the ingredients to be grilled. Here, the device is generally rectangular, but there are also models of electric ball barbecues.

Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews
Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews

So make no mistake about size, for risk of having to make several rounds before all your guests are served. For this, the choice of the cooking surface will depend enormously on the number of people to be treated.

If you are often with your family and you have fewer than 6 people, an electric table barbecue measuring 35 x 20 cm, or 700 cm², should be enough. For a large family of 6 to 10 people, plan a 40 x 25 cm grill, or 1000 cm². In addition, a large format electric grilling machine will be necessary for people over 10.

The Interview

One of the most important selection criteria actually concerns the ease of maintenance of your future device. An easy-to-clean electric barbecue can only make your life easier after a long evening of grilling with friends.

Comparison Of Electric Barbecues: Test And Reviews

In this case, make sure that your choice is for a removable model, where each accessory can easily go into the dishwasher. We are talking here about the different removable elements that make up the barbecue, namely the grill or the baking tray, as well as the fat collecting tray. It is also essential that this juice collector is removable to facilitate its maintenance, since it will be necessary to empty it after each use of the appliance.

Why Buy An Electric Barbecue?

You Can Use It Everywhere

This is one of the main advantages of owning a portable electric barbecue. It is a device that does not require any difficulty of installation, regardless of where you want to use it.

With an indoor electric barbecue, simply place it in the middle of the dining table or on the kitchen worktop to start grilling meats, sausages and fish. No need to worry about debris and coal smoke, because here only the smell of cooking ingredients will come out of your grilling machine. And again, this can be avoided if you take the electric barbecue model with cover.

For an afternoon of grilling on the balcony or in the garden it is also possible with a standing electric grill which is equipped with a special installation support. The important thing is to have a power outlet nearby or use an extension cord to operate the device outdoors.

Grilling In No Time

The whole point of having an electric barbecue is its ease of use, combined with great ease of maintenance. Indeed, it is particularly practical compared to traditional charcoal barbecues which still require the fire stage before they can start grilling.

Today, technology has made it possible for even grilling to be carried out using a simple heating element which operates on electric current. This saves a lot of time, either in the installation or in the start-up of the barbecue appliance, especially if it is a high power electric barbecue.

The preheating stage will be done in a quarter of an hour maximum and the cooking time for each round will be less. Then comes the cleaning stage where you only have to put the removable accessories in the dishwasher, which saves you additional time.

Which Electric Barbecue To Choose?

To find the model of electric barbecue that suits you, here is the selection of the best sellers of the moment.

The Different Types Of Electric Barbecues

Electric Barbecue With Grill

Electric grills are the simplest and most widespread models on the market. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, electric barbecues with grills are available in table, stand, portable and many more.

These are most often apartment grilling devices where the electrical resistance is installed on the grill, with a grid arranged horizontally or vertically depending on the model. They are particularly effective for grilling meat, fish, vegetables, paninis, sausages and others.

Electric Barbecue With Pierrade

This is the type of barbecue with which the food to be cooked comes to rest on a stone plate heated by the electric resistance.

This smooth surface allows the cooking of a wide variety of ingredients, whether vegetables, poultry, seafood or fruit, while retaining the authenticity of their flavor, without being forced to add fat. However, the downside is that the pierrade appliance takes a little longer to heat up compared to the grill model.

Electric Barbecue With Plancha

If you prefer to keep the cooking juices from seized food, there is nothing better than the electric barbecue with plancha. Above the electrical resistance is a plancha on which the food will be seized.

It is thanks in particular to the plancha that the juice of the food will be retained on the plate, which is also very practical for those who wish to apply sauce or a marinade to their grills. This type of device is distinguished by the fact that the plate heats up very quickly and that it can accommodate various ingredients, even the most delicate.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Electric Barbecue?

The price range is very wide when it comes to electric grills. Small budgets can even get a cheap electric barbecue from around ten euros.

However, we advise you to plan a budget of at least 50 euros to be sure of investing in a quality device. The price of the electric grill can vary from one model to another depending on its size, power, versatility or brand.

Thus, the most demanding will be able to choose among the models of high-end electric barbecues that can reach 200 euros and even more.

How To Use An Electric Barbecue?

The instructions for using the electric barbecue are usually found in the user manual. However, to avoid going wrong, be aware that it is essential to properly install the device to avoid moving it when it is running. Make sure you have fully unwound the power cord, and then connect it to an electrical outlet.

Preheat the barbecue by setting it to the maximum temperature, then an indicator light will go out when it is reached. You will then set it to the ideal cooking temperature for your ingredients by applying a little oil if necessary. Be careful to unplug the cord when you are no longer using the machine.

How To Take Care Of Your Electric Barbecue?

To avoid damage to your electric barbecue, wait until it has completely cooled down before cleaning it.

All removable accessories, such as the hob and the fat collection tray, can be washed either by hand or directly in the dishwasher. If these are not dishwasher safe, wash them with warm soapy water using a non-abrasive sponge, then rinse with clean water.

The same will apply to the maintenance of the external surfaces of the machine. Always make sure the drip tray is empty before using your barbecue and never move your appliance when it is in use.