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Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

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Dyson is the must-have brand for suction and bagless so you want to buy a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner and not another brand.

However, the choice is still very large, especially if some models cost only 200 €, others a price that exceeds the 600 €. So how do you know which to choose? And above all, you would like to know if efficiency is relevant, no matter the price.

With this file, you have all the elements in hand to choose carefully from your budget and especially from the surface you want to maintain it regularly.

Dyson, European Leader In The Vacuum Bagless

The Dyson brand is based around the personality and innovations of James Dyson.

Indeed the British engineer failed to find buyers for its first vacuum cleaner cyclonic separation. That is why he created his own company, with research center and manufacturing plant.

From the start, each Dyson creation is a commercial success and the brand becomes a leader in the UK before being sold worldwide. Different consumer research highlighted that all Dyson products are extremely reliable and offer a very high customer satisfaction.

The Dyson brooms are considered full-fledged product (and not as a sub-category of vacuums) and benefit from the best Dyson technology.

The Best Deals Of The Moment:

DYSON Animal + V11 – Vacuum Broom Wireless -…

Upright vacuum DYSON V10 Absolute

Dyson V11 Absolute Blue Size L

Dyson V8 Parquet, Hoover

Why Buy A Vacuum Broom?

Because of its size in length, cordless, possible storage, the upright vacuum cleaner is a household handy accessory for fast, daily or exceptional. It is thus possible to clean at the end of each meal or after an accident (by earth bowl of cereal, cat scratching in a flower pot, etc.). It is not bulky as can the canisters.

Moreover its design all in length, said stick format, make brooms vacuum accessories easy to handle. They are lighter and we can stay right to pass on any surface. It’s often a relief to people with health problems.

The Different Scales On Brooms Dyson Vacuums

Here is a presentation of the three most purchased ranges of wireless Dyson: V8, V10 and V11. It is also possible to buy other Dyson vacuums older series, realizing a comparative staff to ensure that the performance you expected.

⇨ Range Dyson V8

If the range of Dyson vacuum cleaners V8 is quite old, it is still popular due to its value. These vacuums have a digital engine offering autonomy announced ranging from 7 to 40 minutes (depending on the power and the accessory used). A clear system can monitor the battery and do not be caught short at the last minute. Several handy items are included in more and let you choose between different models in the range.

Dyson V8 Absolute

Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

The broom V8 Absolute vacuum is a powerful product that thanks to its three brushes work on all floors. Thus there was first a soft roll with that sucks big dust and properly over hard ground for a smooth passage. Then the motor is used on rugs and carpets, and can to some extent vacuuming pet hair easily. Finally there is a turbo nozzle that can be used by car.

Equipped with a li-ion battery, it functions wirelessly. Just thinking out put in charge before use. Two speeds are available. The classic speed allows up to 40 minutes of battery life, while the turbo speed is only 7 minutes remaining. As recalled reviews online, this power is used wisely. If needed the suction head can be unhooked to turn into hand vacuum.

Side manipulation is a 1.24 meter tall which weighs 2.61 kg. The dust collecting container has a capacity of 0.5 l. It is sold with a system for the storage and loading it as simply as possible. Do not hesitate to inquire further with this review of the Dyson Absolute v8.

Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Dyson Absolute new V8 227296-01 – 4 accessories

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Dyson V8 Absolute Pro

Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

This Dyson vacuum is the most complete product range Absolute V8 currently available. It has the same technical features as the other products, the same sound level, but with more accessories. That is to say that his strength really comes from the elements included in addition.

So it comes with a carrying case, a two accessories in one (for vacuuming small areas), a long nozzle and brush mat. And we find as the other V8 vacuum a soft brush roll, another motor, a turbo minibrosse (each brush using on different surfaces) and a convenient cradle to install and use.

For the rest, this also turns into handheld unit. It has a powerful suction that fits on all soils. Its capacity is 40 minutes with conventional power and 7 minutes with turbo power. It has a digital motor, and a Li-ion battery. Reviews online (published after purchase) emphasize the ease of use and the ability to empty the dust bin without putting everywhere. Finally it is energy class A +.

Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

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Parquet Dyson V8 12V Car Charger +

The broom Dyson vacuum cleaner and parquet V8 car stands out with brushes and accessories included. Thus there is no brush for carpets, for there against a soft brush for hard floors and a mini power brush. For small spaces, there is also a two brushes in one, long crevice tool and a mini soft brush. Finally there is above all a car charger 12V

Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Indeed this Dyson vacuum cleaner has a battery with an autonomy of 40 minutes, autonomy drops to 7 minutes with the turbo speed. So the charger allows greater car use, or even just to be able to position itself in an RV without cluttering conventional electrical outlets.

For the rest, it is an efficient upright vacuum cleaner which is transformed into handheld unit. It has a dust collector which has a capacity of 0.54 l. The dump this tray is very hygienically and easily. Since it does not stand alone, a charging station is also provided with a vacuum cleaner.

⇨ Range Dyson Cyclone V10

The range of vacuum cleaner brush Dyson V10 offers effective products. There is a real good quality between the V8 and V10 range primarily due to the engine, smaller and more efficient.

This series has a real autonomy of about 30 minutes (autonomy announced 60 minutes). The charge time is 3 hours 30 minutes.

These are vacuum cleaners sticks sold with a base for wall mounting. They have HEPA filters. The main brush is motorized and with direct drive. There is also a fluffy brush for hard floors. The set weighs 2.6 kilograms.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute

The upright vacuum cleaner Dyson Absolute V10 is a product more powerful than the V8 models. It eliminates 99.97% of particles. It also has two different filters, a conventional foam filter and a HEPA filter perfect against dust allergies. And for a more thorough cleaning, the battery provides 60 minutes of battery life with the level of conventional power (and 10 minutes with the boost function).

Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Like all Dyson vacuums, is a product easy to handle. It measures 1.25m tall and weighs only 2.67 kg. Its dust collection bin has a capacity of 0.76 l. The digital motor ensures reliability over time. By cons is a product that does not hold water only which is why in the middle of accessories is a basic wall loading.

A final detail much appreciated, and more turn into hand vacuum, this device is sufficiently balanced to suck in height. Whether the floor or ceiling, convenience and ergonomics are the same. More details are provided in this review of the Cyclone V10 Absolute.

Vacuum Broom Dyson: Compare And Review Of Top 10 Models 2020

Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute – Grand

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Dyson Cyclone V10 + Parquet Dok And Its 5 Accessories

Like all Dyson vacuums, the Cyclone Parquet V10 model is actually V10 upright vacuum cleaner comes with an accessory that helps maintain correct and smooth wooden floors. This is a mini soft brush with long bristles. By cons it also means that this vacuum cleaner is not suitable on rugs and carpets. Other handy accessories are also included: a long nozzle and flat, wall-mounted charging station, a mini powerhead, a multipurpose brush.

It is also a bagless and cordless vacuum. The battery can be aspirated for 60 minutes with the normal speed (the default) and for 10 minutes with the maximum power. The loading is done in 3 hours. The overall power is such that the vacuum cleaner sucks dust up to 99.97%. Two filters (HEPA filter and a foam filter) ensures good air quality released. Finally, it can turn into hand vacuum easily.

The value is rather interesting, for against this product is not available on all online shops. We must therefore take a little more time to find a deal on a home appliance website.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

This vacuum V10 Animal is a Dyson with a brush specifically designed for long suction pet hair without damaging the device. Indeed, it is then necessary to direct the brush drive. But other brush heads and are included as an accessory to clean up to different surfaces. As against it is not suitable for cleaning parquet or delicate floors.

After about 3 hours of charging, you can have 60 minutes of battery life with the sweetest power. Indeed three suction speeds are available and maximum autonomy of 10 minutes. The dust collection container has a capacity of 0.77 liter and it is easily vacuum with a particularly hygienic system. Filters allow you to have a clean air discharge. This will truly get rid of up dust.

Finally this Dyson upright vacuum cleaner can be converted in a single click in hand vacuum. It is also well designed to be lifted in order to suck the ceiling and especially the corners. His only fault reading online reviews is that it can stand by itself. A wall charger station is included and it is strongly recommended to install.

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal

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Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead

When you buy a vacuum cleaner, you do not always need all the accessories range and then the cheaper we want the model. This is precisely what offers Dyson vacuum ball V10 Motorhead. This is indeed a powerful and reliable product range Cyclone V10, but it has only basic accessories and therefore has a more affordable price.

This device can suck 99.97% of dust and filters are conveniently installed before and after the engine. It has a collector 0.54 l that very cleanly vacuo. And it is possible to choose between 3 suction powers. Moreover, it is also certified in the UK as suitable for people with asthma or allergies.

In small practical details, it has a low noise level. It weighs only 2.67 kilograms. The wall charging station is included as well as a long crevice tool and small versatile accessory. Otherwise default is used a so-called suction brush head with direct drive. Finally it turns into a single click in hand vacuum to safely use the stairs.

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⇨ Range Dyson V11

This is the latest series for sale and these brush vacuums are presented as the most powerful and intelligent in the Dyson brand.

If in terms of design, weight and grip, they are very similar to the V10 vacuum in reality the V11 have a much better battery life. Indeed the real autonomy varies from 50 to 70 minutes depending on the power used. This is possible in part due to the automatic regulation of the operating power according to the soil type.

One screen tracks the level of aspiration and autonomy and provides maintenance advice.

Dyson V11 Absolute

Dyson Absolute V11 model much like the Pro version, but with a little less accessories. The main difference is that this device does not allow easy cleaning of surfaces in height. Accessories allow the aspiration of different surfaces, but all the ground. Thus included a soft brush roll, a motorized brush High Torque, a versatile accessory, a long crevice tool, a mini powerhead, a mini soft brush, a stiff brush and conventional base wall loading.

In terms of power, the characteristics are the same as on other V11 models. Thus there is a digital engine which, combined with 14 hurricanes, allows continuous suction, although wireless. There is no bag in the collector. This one simply empties in the trash. The lithium ion battery provides a battery life of up to 60 minutes with minimum power. An LCD screen can track the time left simply and explicitly.

Finally the reviews are really positive and some consumers have chosen to use more than this model and not a conventional and heavy canister vacuum.

Dyson V11 Absolute Blue Size L

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Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

This Dyson upright vacuum cleaner is one model of high-end brand. It is powerful, complete and ergonomic. Indeed the V11 Absolute Pro has a digital engine that delivers continuous power. It has a complete filtration system and it was developed for better absorption of vibrations (which effectively reduces the noise emitted). And to follow a clear and simple battery, LCD screen announces the remaining time (not levels as usually done).

The dirt collector has a capacity of 0.76 liters which is more than many other brand ranges. The included accessories allow to really handle all surfaces. Thus there is a rotatable adapter for sucking surfaces in height. One can choose between a brush motorhead (handy when you have animals or on carpets and rugs) and a soft roller brush. Also included are a long crevice tool, a mini powerhead, a mini soft brush, a versatile accessory, a stiff brush, brush mat and a wall charging station.

If the wireless device is quite expensive, the value appears to be totally correct.

Dyson V11 Absolute Blue Size L

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Dyson Animal V11 More

The vacuum cleaner brush Pet V11 Plus model comes with some additional elements, but having a specific function. It can suck easily longhaired pets. So its main accessory is the large brush with direct drive. It can be used on all soils and especially it can suck long hair without blocking. With it also receives other accessories: a small, versatile suction head, a long crevice tool, a mini powerhead, a mini soft brush and wall charging station. Indeed, this upright vacuum cleaner does not only standing up.

This is a wireless device and bagless. The lithium ion battery provides a battery life of up to 60 minutes for 4 h 30 loaded. The dust collector has a capacity of 0.76 liter and it empties accurately in the bin in one step.

Finally it is a relatively quiet and ergonomic device. It’s easy to keep the energy level remaining and change the suction power. Accessories are easy to exchange. The filtration system is very comprehensive to ensure that the exhaust air is healthy and suitable for sensitive people.

Dyson Vacuum V11 cordless Animals + Kit mattress for tools

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He is better Choose a Dyson Vacuum Broom Or Sleigh?

If we refer only to the power and efficiency offered by Dyson, the two types of vacuum cleaners are very good. But whatever happens a canister vacuum is always more powerful than an upright vacuum cleaner, especially when they are of equivalent range. For it is quite likely that Dyson upscale brush is much more effective than first canister vacuum Price unknown brand. But this is not the question.

For a very large area and a place that dirty quickly, the canister vacuum is preferable. Only stairs or to negotiate steps regularly that it becomes unpleasant.

Even in a big house, some choose a broom vacuum cleaner permanently installed in the dining room or in the kitchen, in addition to canister vacuum for other parts. Thus it allows to quickly clean a specific area. Ultimately, the choice of one or the other depends on your budget, your home and your preferences for cleaning.

Le Truc En + The Dyson Vacuum Sweepers

Dyson is a company that has distinguished itself from the outset thanks to cyclone technology.

This is a principle that allows a powerful suction, constant and especially no bag or rejection of excessive dust. It is thus associated with powerful filters and effective.

Moreover Dyson has developed a unique style in design. We find the same style of each model and this helps to quickly recognize a Dyson product of another brand.

Finally Dyson has a large community which provides easy help to repair, buy a spare or additional accessory or have details on a specific item.

How To Choose A Vacuum Broom Dyson?

To find out what Dyson upright vacuum cleaner, here are the criteria to be considered. What are the technical characteristics that truly make the difference.


The upright vacuum cleaner is a wireless appliance that uses a lithium-ion battery. You have to compare both the autonomy (the maximum operating time when full) and the charging time. Check if autonomy is sufficient relative to the surface you want to aspire regularly with your future Dyson machine.


The charger is often offered in a storage base. So simply ask the upright vacuum cleaner on its base so that it is stored and the battery is charging. However this is not the only possibility, loading can be done via a wire to connect the outlet to the vacuum cleaner.


The look good grip and general handling of the vacuum cleaner. What is its weight? What shape is it? How is the handle? Are there small wheels for easy movement?


An upright vacuum cleaner does not have any recovery bag, but a reservoir. You have to look its capacity (also called capacity). No need to provide more than one liter, because the tank by filling will excessively increasing the weight of the upright vacuum cleaner.

Power And Power Consumption

If the power is sometimes expressed in watts, the most interesting is to look at the score in the item you are interested in depending on soil type and even for energy efficiency.

Types Of Soil

As mentioned above, all vacuum cleaners receive grades from A to F based on their effectiveness. They are graded on hard floors and carpets / rugs. Choose from the different surfaces component materials to clean.


The filter of an upright vacuum cleaner is especially important if you have an allergic person to dust at home. Indeed the best filters remove fine particles of so that air is healthy. Otherwise there must be to open the window and ask the allergic person not to enter for a few minutes after cleaning.

Dyson vacuum cleaners have high quality filters, but not always the same from one vacuum to another.


The options on a broom vacuum vary widely. It can be a power controller, the possibility of use as a hand vacuum, a hygienic system for emptying the tank, special filters (HEPA or other), an eco mode, etc.


The sound level is expressed in decibels. An upright vacuum cleaner is never silent, contrary to what some advertisers would have us believe. But it can be quiet and not to disturb. For that we must seek the figure as low as possible.


Dyson vacuum cleaners broom offers middle and high end. The price can vary up to threefold. Stay in your original budget.

Our Opinion: Dyson Vacuum Broom Or Rowenta?

Dyson Rowenta are two reference marks to buy an upright vacuum cleaner or not. They offer both excellent quality equipment and customer reviews are very positive on all their devices.

However where Dyson is relatively upscale, Rowenta is still mid-range models and not more than 500 €. Price may be a factor prompting you to buy one rather than the other.

However in investigations by consumer associations, it is Dyson happens in the top 3 of the best brands for both strength for customer satisfaction. Dyson machines are of higher quality than those of Rowenta and finally this explains the price difference.

So when one can choose freely, Dyson is the best brand. But if you can not afford an upright vacuum cleaner Rowenta is a very interesting alternative.

Where To Buy A Vacuum Broom Dyson Cheap?

In terms suction Dyson is a must-have brand vacuums and brooms are sold in almost every store appliance. So you can really make your purchase in your favorite store: Electro Depot, Darty, Boulanger, Conforama, Cdiscount, Amazon, Fnac, Rue du Commerce, La Redoute, AIM, etc.

However if you want to buy at the best price, it is best not to just go to your favorite vendor, but to compare prices from one shop to another. This comparison is easy to do online and it allows at the same time to see if there is not a promo going somewhere.

Also compare the cost of delivery (both opt for free shipping) or check whether it is possible to remove the upright vacuum cleaner directly in stores. Make sure no pay guarantee is discreetly included in your shopping cart.

Finally, remember that the balances have dates announced well in advance, as Black Friday. This is the best time of year to buy a Dyson upright vacuum cleaner new cheap.