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Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

This is rarely a choice we would like to buy a dehumidifier. This type of device makes it possible to clean a housing (without confused with an air purifier) ​​and ensure that moisture does not accumulate, especially during the winter. But it’s not because you are forced to buy one you need to take the first passes.

To help you make the right choice, we took the time to study the issue with seriousness and precision. So we can tell you what a reliable dehumidifier, so a model is better than another and why we consider that the electric dehumidifier Pro Breeze 12 L is the best time.

Take stock of the concrete elements and enjoy our selection directly to find the best dehumidifier for your home.

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Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

To make our selection, we go directly from an observation of products, their performance, ergonomics and customer reviews. Each product should not appeal to a person, but suitable for a maximum of home.

Moreover, the opinion focus only on products, without any outside influence. We only work with either manufacturers or with groups of appliances (learn more). If a brand appears multiple times in a selection, it is only because of the merits of each product. We have no preference for one store over another and we emphasize first the cheapest available, be it at Amazon, Darty, etc.

Dehumidifier Compare / Our Top 3

The best high-end

The best mid-range

Whether using the 1.8 liter tank and the discharge pipe, there must be a high efficiency against moisture with the management of 12 l / day. It even detects the humidity.

Equipped with a large easy to empty tank, the dehumidifier Pro Breeze has a convenient format for surfaces up to 15 m² and evacuating up to 500 ml per day. It is also very discreet.

Very small and light, this dehumidifier is perfect for small parts (<15 m²). It is easy to use, the reservoir is removable with a lid. And all emits 35 dB.

The best high-end

Whether using the 1.8 liter tank and the discharge pipe, there must be a high efficiency against moisture with the management of 12 l / day. It even detects the humidity.

The best mid-range

Equipped with a large easy to empty tank, the dehumidifier Pro Breeze has a convenient format for surfaces up to 15 m² and evacuating up to 500 ml per day. It is also very discreet.

Very small and light, this dehumidifier is perfect for small parts (<15 m²). It is easy to use, the reservoir is removable with a lid. And all emits 35 dB.

How Is Made The selection?

INSEE showed that over 20% of homes have moisture problems. This is a serious problem that can have a direct impact on health. It is therefore necessary to choose the right dehumidifier to benefit directly and quickly to its effect.

Attention too dry air is not a good thing and that is why there are also humidifiers.

Here are the elements that allow to objectively compare them dehumidifiers. It is from these criteria the selection below was performed.

This is the first element to be considered and it is personal. Everyone should choose a dehumidifier adapted to the room in which it will be installed. Generally a range is given 20 to 30 m², for example. In very large rooms, it is necessary to mount two units, each in an opposite corner.

The effectiveness of the dehumidifier is expressed from three different data. First is signified the amount of treated water per day or per hour. We must pay attention to the measurement, often presented in the light most favorable possible.

Then it should be noted the air flow, that is to say the amount of air rejected by the device, measured in m³ / h. The higher the number is important more efficient the unit.

Finally, we must take into account the electrical power in watts. It helps to have an idea of ​​the power consumption and overall power. But this figure is the latest to study because the high-end devices often have lower power consumption for improved performance.

Here, we discuss electric dehumidifiers. They can operate with silica gel with a condenser or compressor. However it is possible to find among these products a moisture absorber, which has the same function, but that does not need to be plugged into a power outlet.

Finally the device can be presented as a purifier. We must then look if he manages both the air quality and humidity.

One of the most interesting options is the presence of a digital display with measures taken in the room. This is a kind of internal weather station to the device.

In addition there can be an apparatus with a timer, casters, a compact, a carrying handle, a visible water level, a dryer mode, an external very design, etc.

Since a dehumidifier is electric, it necessarily makes a noise at some point, either at the suction of the moist air or rejecting the dry air. So it is important to check the sound level to see if you will be embarrassed by his presence or not.

Finally, the last criterion is the price. And that’s why our selection is organized in three parts, from the sale price of the various selected dehumidifiers.

Best Dehumidifiers – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Hysure 600 Ml: The Best Cheap

Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Discrete small screen (35 dB) detachable tank if full tank Off Auto Ignition easy

To play less than 15 m²

This mini electric dehumidifier Hysure 600 ml is designed to remove moisture from a small area. Thus it runs smoothly in a room with an area of ​​less than 15 m². It is therefore necessary in many apartments and in the bathrooms. It also has a compact size to be as mobile as possible. Indeed, it measures only 23 cm high and weighs 1.2 kg. It is therefore possible to move without worries.

It works by absorbing the condensation in the air. It can process up to 300 ml of water per day. Its reservoir can collect up to 600 ml. Thus according to the humidity in the room, it is possible to drain the water every other day or once a week. The reservoir is positioned at the base of the device. First you have to pull it, like a drawer. It has a convenient cover to drive the reservoir to the sink. Then the lid slides to allow a sufficient opening for emptying.

This dehumidifier is all it is easier to use. The top is the startup button. Just pressure to begin dehumidification. When the unit is operating, a green LED lights. When the tank is full, the red LED lights and the power turns off automatically. There is no risk of having a pool of water at the foot of the product. The principle works with a float, which is a basic system, but extremely reliable.

Finally this Hysure dehumidifier is considered silent. It emits a maximum of 35 dB. Some people are absolutely not embarrassed by her purr. Others can not sleep with. For comparison, that is still less than the quieter fans. By cons, assessing the sound of a whisper at 30 dB, so it is best to position it as far away from the bed

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2. Pro Breeze 500 Ml: The Alternative No Dear

Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Compact and small Low power consumption Auto power off when tank full signal full tank Easy grip

No decibel measurement

This small dehumidifier Breeze Pro is very similar to the one above. So it is a compact design that weighs a kilo and measures 22 cm. It is suitable for an area up to 15 m². Thus it can be placed in a bathroom, a camper, a garage, etc. Although this list must be qualified because it does not like the cold and its performance drops below 20 ° C.

It does not work with a compressor which gives it both a discreet noise level (although not measured, but all opinions are unanimous) and low power consumption. Its power is only 23 watts and that is enough for it to be effective.

Thus it absorbs up to 250 ml of water per day. Water is directly collected in the tank which has a capacity of 500 ml. The reservoir forms a sort of drawer whose front is transparent. It is then possible to easily monitor the water level and empty it before it is completely full. It is important to monitor when getting ready to go out, because the dehumidifier stops when the tank is full. A red light will light up, right next to the start button. The drain is easily done, time for a return to the sink.

This is a good dehumidifier. It really improves the air quality of a room, office or bedroom, and drive out all the moisture. Initially, it must monitor the tank. The first time it will fill up quickly, but then, after the moisture, it will empty the every other day or once a week. Attention, it has no heating function, so it does not allow to accelerate the drying of clean linen.

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3. Pro Breeze ™ 1500 Ml: The Best Middle-End

Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Large tank carrying handle Discrete Power 500 ml / day Easy Drain

For room up to 15 m² Need a temperature> 18 °

Pro Breeze declined the same type of dehumidifiers in several formats, mainly appointed by the tank size. Here is a model that can hold up to 1.5 liters of water at once. When the tank is full, a float system interrupts the unit directly and a signal light turns red.

Lavidange is very easy because the tank works like a drawer. It is also easy to replace it properly in its place. In the same idea, the dehumidifier is relatively light and has a large handle (on the back and therefore invisible at first glance). It is therefore possible to have a device and move it as required.

The power of the device (72 watts) allows him to evacuate 500 ml per day. However for optimum performance it must be positioned in a room with a surface of 15 m² maximum. It is also preferable to position it in a relatively warm place, i.e. between 18 and 30 °, according to the comments posted online.

This is not necessarily an apparatus suitable for a cellar, but it can be placed in a bathroom, as well as in a kitchen or bedroom. You can even plug it into a controlled outlet (so it only works out of the shower every day, for example).

Moisture is absorbed by a thermoelectric cooling system. This makes it a relatively discreet product. However, it still emits an audible hum that might hinder those most sensitive to noise, especially at night.

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4. Hysure 1500ml: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Tank 1.5 l Off Auto tank when full to part 20 m² One button cover for transporting the reservoir

permanent Purr (42 dB)

In principle, this Hysure dehumidifier is very similar to that sold by Breeze Pro with the same capacity tank. Only the exterior color looks distinguished. This is a simplified model to use in the extreme. In fact it has only one button on the top, which allows the startup and shutdown. This button lights up green when the unit is running and all is well. It becomes yellow-orange when the tank is full, as it stops automatically.

The electric power is 40 watts, enabling a controlled power consumption. However the performance is correct in a room up to 20 sqm. The dehumidifier can absorb up to 500 ml of water per day and has a 2300 rpm fan speed. It works well over the long term (ie staying constantly lit) and maintenance is minimal. There is no filter, no cartridge change. We just plan to drain the tank.

Moreover, the reservoir has a capacity of 1500 ml. It is detachable to be carried to a sink. And it even has a lid to avoid splashing. The handling is easy to catch, empty it and put it back.

Its small size allows placement in any room of the house to choose from. It is easy to move, with its handle and light weight. Thus it weighs 2.3 kg and a height of 30 cm in total. As against it emits 42 dB, which is relatively quiet, but audible almost permanently. It is best to turn it off at night if placed in a room.

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5. Pro Breeze 12 L: The Best Premium

Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Extract 12 l / day single fan Intelligent Operation Touch controls pipe water to evacuation

A bit noisy Heavy (10 kg)

Upscale dehumidifiers are often radically different models to less than EUR 100, it just have to check out the control panel. On the dehumidifier Breeze Pro 12L, the controls are tactile and offer access to a smart operation or several modes to choose from. Thus the device detects the moisture in the air and can be set off only the time to obtain a degree you have determined beforehand. Other modes are available: normal, low power, high power and dryer.

In addition several well-pleasing options are included as the possibility of using the single fan (nice in summer), child lock, standby, the presence of wheels. A pipe is also provided to provide a permanent disposal of the collected water. It’s a possibility, because by default the device has a reservoir with a capacity of 1.8 liters. And when it is full, automatic shutdown clicks.

The electric power of 220 watts can treat 12 liters of water per day. That’s a lot and it is equally suitable for a bathroom for a large area. By cons in case of abundant moisture, it is imperative to use the discharge of water by pipe. The only flaw to note is that this power comes with a fairly noticeable hum of the engine.

It’s quite a device. He still weighs 10 kg, and this explains why it is equipped with four wheels to move easily from one place to another. Its exterior completely white makes it a sober, easy to position in a room without drawing attention to himself. Moreover it seems to work for any type of temperature and has a defrost option.

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6. Inventor Eva Ii Pro Ion 20L: The Alternative Premium

Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

For large rooms Very large tank restart self timer 24 3 ventilation levels

Very heavy (14 kg) Noisy following modes

This Inventor EVA II dehumidifier is a very complete and very ergonomic model. All control buttons are located on the top for an easy grip. Everything is clear. Then discrete LEDs indicate the mode currently in progress. And if one does not wish to be bored between the various modes, it is just possible to opt for intelligent dehumidification.

Thus the device detects the humidity and operates to achieve a correct rate (to be determined during commissioning). The moisture content in the air is displayed on top of the unit.

The included options are many. The ionizer function (which can be found on other products, cleaner, air conditioner, etc.) used to clean the air. Dryer mode, in a small room, to accelerate the drying of the laundry. There are three levels of ventilation: silent, medium and turbo. More power increases, the noise is important and it’s impossible to sleep when running in turbo mode, so it is very quiet at minimum power.

There is also a 24-hour timer and automatic restart. The set is suitable for large areas: shared online tests suggest its effectiveness even in a room of 50 sqm.

Power is waiting for you in this electric dehumidifier and absorbed moisture can be a maximum of 20 liters per day. The reservoir for its part has a capacity of 3 liters. A system ensures that there will be no overflow.

Finally, it must still be noted that this is a fairly large device. It measures 50 cm high and weighs 14 kilograms. This is the heaviest dehumidifier this selection! Luckily he landed on four wheels and an attachment system secures the rear electrical cable for travel safely.

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And why not…

Here are some attractive dehumidifiers which also deserve your attention especially if your first choice is not available. Think therefore have a look, especially when balances or Black Friday. It could then be sold at very attractive promotional rates.

Delonghi Dex216F

The DeLonghi dehumidifier DEX216F is a premium product, elegant and powerful. It is suitable for a volume of 75 cubic meters (30 m²) and is particularly powerful. It works in a room whose temperature is between 2 and 30 ° C. It manages 1.6 l of water per day and its reservoir has a capacity of 2.1 liters. However it is possible to connect it to a water outlet for failing to use the tank and have a natural flow.

It has a very efficient dryer option. It also has a double filtration to clean the air. The dust filter is washable and reusable. An anti-allergen filter is also in place. The noise level is relatively unobtrusive. It is slightly less than 40 dB. This does not, unfortunately, positions the in a room or it must turn it off overnight.

Best Dehumidifiers 2020: 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Klarstein Dryfy 10

Here a large dehumidifier. Indeed, it measures 42 cm high and weighs 9.2 kilograms. This is a very comprehensive and powerful model. So it has an air flow of 100 m³ / h and it can absorb up to 10 liters per day. As against its tank is quite small, because it can only hold 1.8 liters. The performances are good and identical in a room whose temperature varies from 4 to 32 ° C. It is suitable for a 15 bedroom 20 sqm.

In order to facilitate maximum use, this dehumidifier is programmable from humidity selected. So it starts up automatically when it is needed. There is also a timer to choose to make it work on a specific period. Upon ignition, the choice is between two modes: powerful and quiet. Silent mode emits 40 dB. This is more than what the products entered range emit, but the efficiency is not comparable.

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Hysure 2000Ml

This Hysure 2000ml dehumidifier is a portable device with a particularly simple handling. One button handles the starting and stopping. The tank, with a capacity of 2 l and withdraws to the rear of the dehumidifier as a drawer. It is removable for easy maintenance. When the same container is full, the stop is automatically and avoids spillage through a float system. A carrying handle, coupled with a small weight (2 kg), lets move it as required.

To reject a particularly clean air, this model has a removable filter. Please allow the wash with tap water regularly then back up as soon as it is dry. The general power is finally entirely correct. This device supports up to 750 ml / day. It is suitable for medium sized rooms. As against it emits 42 dB, which is too much to let it run in one room.

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Finally, here are some additional items to allow you to have really the answer to all your questions.

How Long To Operate a dehumidifier?

Generally, it is technically possible to make it work 24/24. But in reality, we must pause time of the interview, if only to empty the tank.

Some devices will automatically stop when the tank is full and others only work if the humidity in the room rises. Finally, since some are very noisy, so do not feel embarrassed to turn off at night.

How Does A dehumidifier?

There are several types of operations, but the idea is always the same. The ambient air (and wet) is sucked into the unit where it will be processed, this can be with silica gel or a capacitor. In all cases the moisture is turned into water and ends its passage through the tank. The dry air is, in turn, back into the room by the fan.

How Consumes a dehumidifier?

Electricity consumption depends on the model you buy, but also the number of hours of operation per day. You can calculate yourself the consumption of a device.

By cons, know that using a dehumidifier still consumes less that increased heating to try to combat moisture. And that’s when the air is less humid, the heat sensation is better on.

How to Clean a dehumidifier?

The dehumidifier includes two cleaning elements.

The tank must be emptied regularly and kept clean. Also, check your manual to see which filters should be cleaned regularly and how (some may spend machine, for example).

Basically that’s all there is to do. However the models are numerous, the most secure is to verify that your dehumidifier requires nothing more.

How to Use a dehumidifier Power?

The device itself works alone. Just install it properly by following the instructions, plug it in and turn it on. It will just provide a low maintenance, mainly done to empty the tank.

What Is The Ideal On Humidity Rate In A House?

The rate Perfect says must be between 40 and 60% humidity. Suffice to say that this leaves plenty of opportunities even though some do not support an air more than 50% humidity. For your first attempts trying to get a rate between 45 and 50% and evolve depending on your personal feelings.

Conclusion: What We Dehumidifier Buy In?

All products here are very good in the fight against humidity, that is why they are part of this selection. However, some are suitable for specific contexts (such as model Hysure 600 ml can be placed in a room of over 15 sqm) and others require a large budget.

So, in our view, the best value available in the dehumidifier Breeze Pro 12 L. Indeed, it is a high-end dehumidifier with more modes, an option dryer and even a child lock. His power is suitable for rooms of various sizes. And is sold at a very fair price that could almost place it in the midrange. Suffice to say that it was worth the money!