Best Cotton Candy Machines

The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment

Do you feel like having a cotton candy machine at home? Well, now is the time to get one with our guide to buying the best cotton candy machines. There are many models on the market, but not all of them are suitable for the use you will give it. So follow our advice to choose the right device for you!

What Is A Cotton Candy Machine?

Invented since 1897, the cotton candy machine is the only device that has concocted this famous delicacy that young and old love: cotton candy. It operates on electricity, essentially using sugar to melt it and transform it into filaments which will then be wrapped around a stick to form a ball.

The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment
The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment

Cotton candy is a candy that has an airy texture like cotton and looks a lot like wool to the touch. It is both soft and sticky, melts immediately in contact with saliva and can be made in several colors depending on the dye used.

Long found in fairs, circuses and fairgrounds, the cotton candy machine quickly became popular to land in our kitchens. Domestic models are now more compact and easy to use, because even children can make their own sweets.

What Is The Best Cotton Candy Machine?

Comparative-Multicuiseur offers you a comparison of the 3 best models of cotton candy machines available on the market.

How To Choose A Cotton Candy Machine?

Depending On Its Power And The Intended Use

Depending on the use you give to your machine, you will need a more or less efficient model. Indeed, the devices with the lowest power are those located between 250 and 500 watts.

The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment
The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment

These take a long time to heat up, about 10 minutes, and also take up to 5 minutes to make a single cotton candy. Our site does not advise you to opt for such models, in particular to avoid long waiting times before you can taste your delicacies.

For occasional use, the best will be to direct you to a device with a power between 500 and 1000 watts. This power will adapt perfectly to a medium-sized tray, because it will allow a fairly rapid rise in temperature and can even concoct a cotton candy per minute. On the other hand, if you plan an intensive and more frequent use, prefer a cotton candy machine pro whose power can go up to 2500 watts.

Depending On Its Versatility

Having a candy floss machine is good, but it would be even better if we could prepare with cotton candy according to our preferences.

The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment
The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment

Indeed, there are certain devices that allow you to vary the tastes and textures of cotton candy, because everyone can have their own preferences for cotton candy.

Comparatif-Multicuiseur therefore recommends these models in particular to please children, but also gourmands looking for original sweets. Thanks to a versatile machine, you will be able to choose the texture of your cotton candy, depending on whether it is smoother, finer, softer or softer.

The use of different types of sugar and other ingredients is also feasible, namely common sugar, special sugars, syrups, hard candies, or even sugar-free candies, fruit juice and food colors for those who want to eat healthier.

The Best Cotton Candy Machines Of The Moment

The use of colors and flavors on certain machines also makes it possible to obtain increasingly surprising results, namely cotton candy of all colors and in various tastes. Cotton candy and popcorn machines even exist today as two-in-one accessories, ideal for birthdays, family celebrations and more.

Depending On Its Options

Among the options that can be distinguished on a baby beard machine, there is for example the on and off switch which is to be preferred to guarantee a more secure use.

There is also the thermostat and / or the heating switch which is necessary to regulate the heating temperature of the device, but which is generally only present on high-end models. Also, don’t forget to check the stability of your hardware.

The best models recommended for this are those equipped with non-slip feet or even a suction cup base for the lightest, two kilos and less. You can also direct your choice towards a machine equipped with an anti-projection protection to minimize the risk of splashing. But this is not likely to happen if you respect the doses of sugar indicated. Besides, some models are supplied with a sugar measuring spoon, a spoon and sticks that allow you to immediately start to whip up your cotton candy.

Depending On Its Design

On the aesthetic side, it’s all about taste. The models offered on the market are available in various styles that meet everyone’s needs. So do not hesitate to set your sights on a machine that pleases you visually. Lovers of old objects and vintage style will be particularly seduced by the many retro cotton candy machines.

These are mainly inspired by the first models used in the 1970s and the beginning of the 20th century. Nothing is more effective in going back in time and enjoying good cotton candy like in the famous fairgrounds of our childhood. Otherwise, the manufacturers have also planned more modern models which go very well with contemporary decoration. Namely machines with an easier to clean stainless steel tank, more sober tones in gray and white as well as a more compact and light shape for simplified storage.

Why Buy A Cotton Candy Machine?

To Make Your Cotton Candy And According To Your Preferences

You can’t find cotton candy sellers on every street corner, especially not on ordinary days. Like popcorns and other sweets, they are only abundant at fairgrounds, circuses, village festivals or fairs.

So, the best solution to be able to taste good cotton candy when you feel like it, is to acquire your own cotton candy machine at home. This will allow you to concoct your cotton balls yourself, in the color you like and in the texture that you find most enjoyable in the mouth. No need to spend each time buying baby beards for the whole family. You can even organize your birthdays and other parties with cotton candy at will.

To Enjoy A Versatile And Easy-To-Use Device

If before you have always been a simple spectator of the way in which cotton candy is prepared, know that with your device you will have the opportunity to prepare these delicacies yourself.

Models for home use now fill the shelves of household appliances, so it’s time to start making your own homemade cotton candy!

Easy to use for adults, but also suitable for initiating children, cotton candy machines are now usable by the whole family. Moreover, most allow the use of different types of sugars and ingredients according to the desires of each. You have the normal sugars, hard candies, syrups, fruit juices or even food colors!

Which Cotton Candy Machine To Choose?

Our site has established for you a selection of the best cotton candy machines, including the TOP4 of the best-selling models of the moment.

How Much Does A Cotton Candy Machine Cost?

For the purchase of your cotton candy making machine, the budget to be expected will vary mainly depending on the use you have planned. For a model for occasional use and for small quantities of sweets, entry-level and inexpensive products from around thirty euros may be enough.

On the other hand, if you need a more efficient device to make large quantities of cotton candy, the ideal will be to bet on a model of medium range which costs in the region of 100 euros. For professional cotton candy machines, the price can go up to 200 euros and more. The latter are especially equipped with a powerful motor for an instantaneous rise in temperature, they are also capable of producing up to 350 cotton candies per hour and integrate various very practical functions.

How Does A Cotton Candy Machine Work?

The principle of operation of the device is very simple. It will melt the sugar poured into the tank by turning hot air to obtain filaments of sugar. To prepare, start by installing the machine on a stable surface. Plug it into an electrical outlet and run it for a while.

Now heat it according to the heating time indicated in its instructions. Then pour in the center of the rotary head the amount of sugar adapted to the size of cotton candy desired and the size of the tank. This should be stated in the user manual. Then hold the stick vertically above the rotating head and rotate it gently to hang the filaments. You will easily get your cotton candy once you have caught the hand.

How To Clean Your Cotton Candy Machine?

The cleaning of your equipment must always be done after use of it to ensure good hygiene and proper functioning. There is nothing that can clog a machine than sugar, so you might as well clean it while the sugar is still fresh. So, leave the appliance on, and simply stop the heating.

Pour water repeatedly in the hollow of the rotary head until the sugars and dyes flow into the tank, then blot the tank and dry. In case you have left it to cool, it is also possible to detach the elements to clean them with lukewarm water with soap or put them in the dishwasher. These include the tank, the ring and the projection protection.