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Best Cooking Table 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Sometimes you need a cooktop emergency. When for example the spit plate electric smoke unexpectedly. I tested for you blew a fuse and I had to ventilate length.

The cooking plates are indispensable in our French culture. Nobody imagines living with just a microwave oven. And that is probably why there are various types of hob and there is thus for all tastes and all budgets. I offer you to discover our complete file on to find out what hob choose and how to establish a comparison between models.

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This Qu’Une Qu’Est-Table Cooking?

cooktop called all devices that can heat a pot or pan. There is also talk of hob. It is found in absolutely all French households, although some are integrated in the oven called a stove.

In general the cooking table measures 60 cm long and has four heating zones. This is the image that we are in fact at least, for the students and a large number of Parisians simply two small hotplates. And there are a few larger models.

In short, there is absolutely everything. And despite some very small models, it is still large cooking appliances. Thus our record alongside a comparison of ranges and an article on the best hood.

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Best Cooking Table 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

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How to Choose Your Plate Cooking?

To choose a cooktop, take into account the available space in your kitchen and your favorite dishes. Are you the type to just cook the same dish (genus One Pot Pasta) or do you like to prepare a bearnaise sauce with it, and there’s fish and vegetables in another pot?

Only with an answer to these questions you can read and decrypt hob descriptions and make the best choice for you.

I come back in more detail a little later, but there are several types of plates, each with advantages and disadvantages. So there induction plates, glass ceramic, gas, electric and mixed.

The coating and cleaning

Things do not clean the same way and each coating does not have the same life expectancy. While the top is cast iron, but it is a luxury option. So, you can choose between glass, stainless steel, enamel and ceramic.

The number of heating zones

There is talk of heating field on electrical appliances and burners on gas hob. Generally speaking, there may have 1 to 5 areas. By putting the price and turning to professional devices, it is possible to have more, but still need to find out the utility. There are very good induction apparatus with a single zone plate as ETF1525 triumphed.

They can be tactile or manual. And location varies by model. Thus the Siemens electric stove, the controls are tactile, discrete and precise.

There are very few options available and they are only present on the medium plates and upscale. One can thus have a timer. It is also possible to have a lock touch controls and various security options more or less advanced.

And the gas burners, there is often the option ignition a hand, that is to say that pressing the button while turning, a spark is generated to ignite the fire.

Of course, do not forget to check the dimensions. On many hob, they are pretty standard, allowing to simply replace a defective unit. However there is always the risk of having a kitchen to the original size or control a device that seeks to stand out …

The Top 5 Best Selling Cooking Tables

For you decide quickly, rather than choosing at random, you can turn to one of the best hotplates of the moment. These are appliances that attracted cooks everyday, Internet users like you and me.

You will meet the best cooktop marks (Smeg, De Dietrich, Jumping, Whirlpool, Bosch, Siemens, Scholtes, Electrolux) as well as devices with a super value.

Best Cooking Table 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooking Table 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooking Table 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooking Table 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

Best Cooking Table 2020: Top 5 And Comparison

Wait … We want the price of this product on other sites

The Price Of A Plate Cooking?

The price varies depending on the desired device types. The least expensive hobs are the electric stove, available from 20 €. For induction hobs, there should be a larger budget. Thus a plate with a single fire costs more than 50 €. And the price can go up to several hundred euros.

How to Clean Cooking From A Table?

The general rule is to try to wipe the larger spots quickly, as the excesses of milk. In fact, I suggest you spend a sponge on the plates each time you do the dishes or every night.

Furthermore the soap does wonders against fat. It uses no toxic and no special effort to do.

In any case, do not use the green side and scratching sponges. If really the tasks are difficult to remove, drop some white vinegar to soften over the task and facilitate its demise in the towel.

The Different Types Of Plate Cooking

There are five types of hobs. Today the one everyone touts is the induction cooker, but it also has small defects.

Indeed the induction cooker heats quickly with low power consumption. Then she almost instantly cools. By cons it requires pots and pans and therefore specific request to change all your cooking equipment.

So many people prefer the ceramic plates that heat more slowly, but also have a relatively low power consumption.

Technically Gas plates are interesting, but they need to be connected to the mains gas or buy gas canisters.

The hotplates are appreciated by those who do not have a place. Indeed they are small, they can be placed on a table on the terrace, in a camper, etc. All you need is an electrical outlet. As against the long cooking and plate cool slowly.

Finally there are mixed hotplates combining hotplates and gas burners on the same support. Interest is possible to cook even when a one-time interrupting gas or electricity.


Choosing a hob is not easy, you have to consider your budget when buying and electrical costs over the year. But I hope that with our guide you now know the kind of model you want to have.