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Best Cooking Tips For Used Oil – Cookware Sets Matter

Normally after i deep fried fish, then i will add a cup of plain flour to the oil. And let it cool down. Then u will see the oil got 2 layer – clear oil n the flour will sink at the bottom. So i just keep the clear oil for next use. No smell. But the strength of the oil is not as good as the first time use. Having the best cookware sets helps with not burning the oil.

I use plain cotton ball amd spread over the strainer to make a clear thin layer which could collect smallest particle and as well squeeze what ever oil got absorb in the cotton. I will do everything with warm oil as it will be thinner and quicker tu strain.

So even deep frying chicken or fish you can re use the oil by doing this method ? I always throw mine out after using it that one time and it becomes expensive and seems a waste throwing it out.

As long as the oil doesn’t smell then I always re-use it, even after chicken or fish. I agree…it gets super expensive if you throw a whole pot out each time. But always be sure to check with the smell test

I never thought of reusing oil. Although I never really used oil for deep frying much. Well, never really deep fried anything at all except one time where I used oil to deep fry some home made spring rolls but for some reason the oil turned black and ashy pretty quick after a few batches of the spring rolls.