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Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review

The pod or capsule coffee maker is a revolutionary device that has been making all coffee lovers happy for several years. Manufacturers now offer more sophisticated machines allowing everyone to consume coffee differently. Here are some tips for finding the best coffee maker among the many models available on the market.

What Is A Pod Coffee Maker?

The pod or capsule coffee maker is a household appliance used to prepare one or two cups of coffee more simply and more quickly.

This uses a pressure percolator mechanism and sometimes has a system to adjust the length of the coffee.

Just insert a capsule or pod in the space provided and you will get great quality coffee. The capacity of the tank, the capacity of the capsule container, the power and certain functionalities may, however, differ depending on the model.

What Is The Best Capsule Coffee Maker? offers you its comparison of the best capsule coffee makers at the best value for money.

How To Choose A Good Pod Coffee Maker?

Compatibility And Availability Of Capsules

The first criterion to consider when considering buying a pod coffee maker is the compatibility and availability of capsules. Be aware that there are soft pods, rigid pods and capsules.

Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review
Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review

Each machine is different, because while some versions are versatile and suitable for several kinds of pods, others are less so. It is therefore important to first determine the type of coffee you wish to prepare. In addition to compatibility, you must also find out about the capacity of the capsule container.

The Options

The different options on offer are also among the important points to take into account when buying a coffee pod or capsule machine. There are simpler machines and those with more functionality. Your choice will then depend on your use and your needs.

Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review
Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review

However, be aware that the more options the device offers, the more it performs. The best capsule coffee makers are equipped with an automatic adjustment system for water volume, temperature and preparation time as well as automatic shutdown. Some have a systematic steam cleaning function between each drink as well as an automatic descaling and washing program.


Aesthetics is also a criterion of choice that should not be overlooked for a device such as the capsule coffee machine. Besides, all the models designed by the manufacturers are often available in a wide range of colors so that everyone can find the one that suits them the most.

Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review
Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review

There is something for everyone, ranging from sober shades to more flashy colors. However, apart from the color, the size of the machine must also be taken into account. It is advisable to choose according to the location surface, but also the number of cups you want to prepare.

The Brand

Obviously, the brand is essential, because it conditions the quality of the device. Investing in a big brand model will keep you away from a possible purchase regret. In fact, this type of machine is not only more robust, but also more practical and more efficient. Note that some are offered with a warranty of up to 2 years or more. This is the reason why the Comparatif-Multicuiseur website recommends that you turn to bosch, Krups, Philips, Magimix, Kenwood or Moulinex capsule coffee makers.

Coffee Pod Comparison: Test And Review

Why Buy A Capsule Coffee Maker?

Perfect And Varied Preparations

The main advantage of the pod or capsule coffee maker is its practicality and versatility. By opting for this type of device, you will no longer have to wonder how much coffee you need to put to obtain a delicious and tasty drink.

The pod or capsule already contains the perfect dose of coffee depending on the intensity selected. Also, it is a coffee machine that offers its user the possibility of varying his pleasures. Indeed, it does not only allow you to prepare coffee with different intensities, but also tea, hot chocolate and even iced drinks.

Ease Of Use

The other advantage of a capsule coffee maker is that it is simple to use. To prepare delicious coffee, simply insert the pod or capsule into the appliance and press a start button.

This type of machine is equipped with a removable tank. You can easily remove it and put it back for easier filling and cleaning. In addition, some models have various functions that make operation and maintenance even easier, such as an automatic preparation and stop time adjustment system or a descaling and cleaning program.

Which Pod Coffee Maker To Choose?

Discover the selection of the best selling pod coffee makers found on the internet.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Pod Coffee Maker?

Compared to other electric coffee machines, the pod or capsule coffee maker is more affordable.

However, you should not rely solely on the price, otherwise you will acquire a fragile and unreliable device.

Rather lean towards a brand model which generally costs between 50 and 200 euros. But, you can always take advantage of price reductions on the internet to offer you a high-quality cheap capsule coffee maker.

How To Use A Capsule Coffee Maker?

Step 1

Although the capsule coffee maker is very simple to use, it is important to remember the steps to follow for making good coffee. First, it is preferable that the location provided for the installation of your device is near an electrical outlet. Plug in your machine and press the ON button to turn it on.

2Nd Step

Once the device is switched on, you can insert a capsule or a pod in the space provided. Your machine may have a button with an indicator light that flashes during the heating time and stops flashing when the coffee maker is ready to run coffee.

All you have to do is press the START button and wait for the device to stop automatically. If this does not have an automatic stop function, you must press the START button again to stop the preparation.

Stage 3

It is preferable not to leave the capsule or the pod after each preparation especially since it should be replaced the next time.

When your coffee is ready, remember to eject the capsule in the capsule reservoir or remove your pod to throw it in a trash can. It should be noted that some pods are recyclable.

How To Take Care Of Your Capsule Coffee Maker?

Unlike other types of coffee machines, the maintenance of the capsule coffee maker can be done less regularly.

You will not risk having a ground coffee bean inside your device knowing that the coffee is contained in a capsule or in a pod. However, it is important to clean the machine from time to time, not only for better hygiene, but also to guarantee its longevity.

Taking care of your capsule coffee maker is nothing complicated. Just remember to clean the water tank, otherwise you will have impure water, or even algae. Often removable, it can be removed and washed easily using a sponge and mild detergent. You can do the same for the capsule or pod holders as well as the base. In case you want to put the detachable parts in the dishwasher, first take a look at the information leaflet supplied with the coffee maker to know if they are compatible or not.

Small drops of coffee may have splashed on the outside of the machine after use. Do not panic. A soft damp cloth may be enough to put your machine back as new.