Best Bread Makers

How To Choose Your Bread Machine?

Making your own breads at home is now within everyone’s reach thanks to the baker’s bread machine. Before buying it, it is however imperative to take into account certain criteria, because the market today offers a wide range of equipment.

Comparative-Multicuiseur offers you in this comparison some of the best current models as well as advice to choose well.

How To Choose Your Bread Machine?
How To Choose Your Bread Machine?

Making your own breads at home is now within everyone’s reach thanks to the baker’s bread machine. Before buying it, it is however imperative to take into account certain criteria, because the market today offers a wide range of equipment.

Here are some tips to help you find the model that’s right for you.

What Is A Bread Machine?

A bread machine is a household appliance that has been designed so that everyone can make their own breads, brioches, but also other preparations with ease.

How To Choose Your Bread Machine?
How To Choose Your Bread Machine?

Also called a baker’s robot, it is made up of a bowl and a mold containing two blades for mixing the ingredients and kneading the bread dough. Today there are countless models for all powers and capacities with more and more extensive programs.

What Is The Best Bread Maker?

In our comparison table you will find bread machines with the best value for money.

How To Choose A Quality Bread Machine?

To choose the right bread maker, it is essential that you take into account certain elements. This will allow you to make the type of bread you want at the right amount.

The Capacity

The first thing to consider when buying a baguette bread maker is the size of the tub. Manufacturers offer models that can bake between 500 g to 1.5 kg of breads. The best way to find the right equipment is to choose based on the number of people in the family.

How To Choose Your Bread Machine?
How To Choose Your Bread Machine?

Indeed, the larger the tank, the more it can make a large amount of bread. But, if the capacity is so important, it is also because it can have an impact on the quality of the bread, especially in terms of baking and shape. Be aware that some brands even design devices with two tanks allowing you to bake two kinds of bread at the same time.

The Power

This is another important point that should not be overlooked after the capacity of the tank. The bread and brioche machines available on the market can have different powers, generally ranging from 500 W up to 1600 W for professional equipment.

How To Choose Your Bread Machine?

Obviously, a more powerful appliance offers a quick cooking time. However, you should not forget that this will increase your energy expenditure. This is the reason why we recommend the models of 650 W or 780 W at maximum which consume less energy, but prove to be efficient.

Features And Programs

In addition to the capacity and power of the automatic bread maker, it is also essential to consider the features and programs available to it. The best devices are the ones with the most options.

Some are equipped with “weight adjustment” and “browning levels” functions, others benefit from keeping warm and delayed start allowing the cooking to be postponed for several hours after kneading. It’s up to you to see which device best meets your expectations.

When it comes to programs, your choice should depend on what you plan to do with the device. If you simply want to make standard breads, cakes and brioches, a classic model can do the trick.

On the other hand, if you plan to run gluten-free breads, bread with nuts, cheese, bacon or other types of breads, you must opt ​​for a programmable machine. Offering several programs and equipped with a bright LCD screen, this type of device will allow you to make various preparations with ease, namely pizza doughs, cakes and even jam.

Why Buy A Bread Machine?

It is no coincidence that these household appliances are attracting more and more users these days. Here are some good reasons why you should buy an automatic bread maker.

Choose The Ingredients And Vary The Bread Recipes

The first advantage of having a bread machine at home is being able to follow your desires. By equipping yourself with this great device, you will be able to make different types of breads and add a variety of ingredients to your dough.

Choose the type of flour you want to make your savory breads and make your sweet breads, pastries and brioches by adding chocolate, milk or candied fruit. You can even get a gluten-free bread machine.

Save Time And Save Money

You will no longer have to waste precious time making a round trip to the bakery or making your breads in the classic way to taste delicious lime breads.

The preparation and cooking of your dough is done in no time with a 2 blade bread maker. Just pour in all the ingredients and start programming, then the appliance takes care of the rest. In addition, making your bread at home would be more economical, because making a 500 g bread will only cost you around 24 percentiles if you have to pay close to 2 euros at the bakery.

Which Bread Machine To Buy?

Consult our plugin table to compare the best bread machines and find the ideal appliance.

What Is The Price Of A Quality Bread Maker?

Contrary to what many people think, the bread machine is accessible to everyone. The cost of a device generally varies between 50 and 300 euros depending on the brand, power, capacity and functionality.

The entry-level are often the cheapest and cost between 50 and 70 euros. For a particular use, we recommend mid-range models from 100 to 200 euros. You can also acquire a good Kenwood, Moulinex, Klarstein Brotilde bread machine or even a Panasonic not exceeding 780 W at this price.

How To Use A Bread Maker?

Although the bread maker is an easy to use device, there are a few rules to follow for successful breads and other preparations every time.

The Preparation

There is little risk that you will miss your breads by respecting the dosages and following the order of the recipe while knowing the capacity of your machine. Once all the ingredients are together, all you have to do is pour them into the tank, starting with the baker’s yeast, the liquid elements, the flours, the salt, the sugar and finally the butter.

The Cooking

After introducing the ingredients into the tank, check that the lid is closed properly. You just have to start the startup program.

If you want to add decorative elements, such as chocolate or dried fruit, it is best to make them in the middle of kneading.

It is also possible to snack on your bread at the end of the resting phase, i.e. just before the start of baking.

How To Maintain Your Bread Machine?

It is essential to thoroughly clean your baguette bread machine after each use and to maintain it regularly to guarantee its proper functioning over time.


To keep your device clean, you need a small brush, a damp cloth, a dry cloth and washing up liquid. Start by removing the bread residue that has remained stuck to the bottom of the bin. You can then clean the inside of the tank using a damp cloth and washing up liquid.

Dry with a dry, soft cloth so as not to scratch the non-stick. For drummers, it is best to first soak them in warm soapy water for a while before washing and rinsing them.

The Interview

Besides washing the tank and the beaters, you should also remember to maintain your machine by regularly cleaning the motor and electrical accessories. There is nothing simpler, since it is enough to spray degreasing spray, in particular on the dirtiest parts before passing a dry rag.