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Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?

Do you also want to rediscover the charm of a rustic decoration by equipping your interior with a pretty retro bread box? That’s good ! Comparatif-Multicuiseur presents a special buying guide to help you make the best choice suited to your style, with a selection of the most enticing bread boxes of the moment. So do not wait any longer and follow our advice to choose well!

What Is A Bread Box Or Basket?

The bread box has existed since the Middle Ages. Also called bread basket or basket for some models, it is used to keep the bread in better conditions to prevent it from hardening too quickly.

Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?
Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?

Sheltered from air, cold and humidity, fresh bread will effectively keep its crisp appearance and its taste qualities for up to a week. At the same time, this kitchen accessory protects your various baking products from dust and insects, such as ants and flies.

And in addition to serving as an excellent bread container, it also contributes to the decoration of your kitchen or dining room by bringing an original touch to it. The basket is now available in a wide variety of models, with different sizes, shapes and materials that adapt to the needs of each home.

What Is The Best Bread Box?

Discover in our comparison the 3 best models of bread boxes offered on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Basket?

Depending On Its Shape And Capacity

For your equipment to meet your main capacity needs, it is essential that you take into account the quantity of breads you wish to store at home. A small basket will be perfect for a two or three person home.

Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?
Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?

It is also the best model to adopt if you only plan to keep your breads and pastries for two days maximum. Otherwise, we advise you to opt for a large bread box that will be able to contain a maximum of breads that can serve as breakfast for the whole family for a week.

Also remember to consider the size and type of bread you are used to eating, as they will define the shape and size of the basket you need. To keep baguettes, it is better to choose a form that is long enough than wide. This will also be the case for bastard breads, long breads and loaves. On the other hand, if you are a fan of pastries, you are free to choose a round, square, rectangular or even oval basket.

Depending On Its Manufacturing Material And Its Design

At the level of the material, everything is generally played on a question of taste and decoration. The models most appreciated for their natural and rustic side are especially the wooden bread boxes. They especially bring charm and authenticity to the room where they are located, especially since it is an object known as very old.

Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?
Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?

Some more modern ones are even designed with bamboo fiber for a more ecological alternative. In addition, if you prefer modernity, Comparatif-Multicuiseur suggests that you direct your choice towards stainless steel or aluminum baskets that blend easily into a contemporary decoration. Plastic bread boxes will be more advisable for those who like to mix the colors of their tools.

Either way, remember that the material will define the ease of maintenance of your accessory. Some materials require a simple wipe from time to time, while others require regular cleaning.

Depending On The Opening And Ventilation

The opening system of your basket is a criterion that should not be overlooked, since it can happen to you to handle it several times during the day. For this, you have the choice between a removable, folding or even sliding opening.

The latter is actually the most practical, because it does not take up space and is very easy to use even for children. Just make sure it is big enough for you to put your breads in any size, and this will also be the case when you have to take them out of the box.

You can also opt for a transparent bread box on the opening to keep an eye on the amount of pastries you have left. Also take the time to carefully check the presence of a ventilation mode so that the interior of the basket prevents the formation of mold. It can be ventilation holes or a relief base to allow air circulation.

Depending On Its Practicality Options

There are certain options on the baskets that improve their daily use. Among them, there is for example the presence of a plan to cut out of wood or integrated plastic. Most often it is the cover itself, in particular the foldable or removable one.

Bread Box And Basket: Which Model To Choose?

Some models can also have in addition to the board a drawer from below which can collect the bread crumbs or serve as a storage drawer for bread knives. Thus, you benefit from a 3-in-1 bread box which is used not only to store and cut the breads, but also to store accessories.

You will also find on the trade modern baskets which integrate a heating system of your chopsticks. These are generally electric models which offer the possibility of keeping the pastries warm or reheating them before each breakfast. They often have a temperature and humidity control. A flat top model is also very advantageous for installing other kitchen equipment in order to minimize clutter. And to facilitate the cleaning side, our site advises you to bet on a basket compatible with the dishwasher!

Why Buy A Good Basket?

To Keep Your Bread In Better Condition

It often happens that you have not been able to consume all the breads that you bought for today.

And instead of letting them harden and eventually throwing them away the next day, the best solution is to equip yourself with a waterproof bread box. Thanks to it, you can store there all the leftover breads and pastries that you have not finished to avoid waste every time.

Inside the basket, they will be protected from air, cold and cooking vapors so that they can remain crisp on the outside and soft inside, even after several days of conservation. So you can always put your brioches and croissants aside without worrying about altering their taste quality, even if you bought them fresh today.

To Have A Decorative And Multifunction Object

For those who love having original equipment in the kitchen or in the living room, buying a wooden bread box can add a personal touch to their interior.

This accessory effectively allows you to take advantage of many advantages, both in terms of the conservation of breads, and for the decoration of a room. It can sit on the dining table or on a sideboard in the living room so as not to go unnoticed in the eyes of your guests. Moreover, even more practical versions now allow them to be used as a cutting board or as a presentation board for your beautiful country breads. You can even use your basket to heat your pastries to enjoy them hot at breakfast.

Which Bread Box To Choose?

Find in our selection of best sellers the TOP4 of the most popular bread boxes on the market.

The Different Types Of Bread Boxes

Horizontal Bread Box

These are the models of baskets to place on a kitchen unit or on the dining table, but also hung on the wall.

These come in different shapes and allow you to place the baguettes and other baking products horizontally.

Vertical Bread Box

These are standing bread boxes that can be placed directly on the floor.

They are also called cribs and they generally allow long breads to be presented vertically, especially in a bakery.

What Is The Price Of A Bread Box?

The price of a basket can range from around twenty euros up to a hundred euros for high-end models. It all depends on the material used to make it, but also on its design and shape.

Very often, the cheapest are those designed in entry-level stainless steel, between 20 and 25 euros. Then come the bamboo, wooden and steel baskets offered between 30 and 40 euros. The electronic and resin models are the most expensive, from 45 euros.

How To Use A Basket On A Daily Basis?

The purpose of the basket is to keep the breads in a cool, dark place. It must have ventilation holes on the sides to contribute to better ventilation and avoid the risk of mold inside.

Hence it is better to avoid an overly airtight model. To do this, first wait until the hot breads have had time to cool before placing them in the box to reduce the amount of ambient humidity in it. And never overfill the box to allow good air circulation. If your baguettes are too long, cut them in half or three, the same for large breads. This will not affect the longevity of the bread in any way.

How To Maintain Your Bread Box?

Wooden equipment is the easiest to clean since it does not require passage underwater. It is even forbidden to wet them to avoid deterioration of the wood and bamboo.

For dry cleaning on wood, use a special household toothbrush to remove traces of residue. And use a clean, dry cloth to scrub all the wooden parts.

In the case of other materials, use brushes, one to remove the crumbs and the other to remove the toughest residues. You can also use a multi-purpose cleaning pschitt to facilitate cleaning with a sponge provided with a scraping face. Then wipe with a cotton cloth to finish. Some models, however, allow cleaning in the dishwasher for convenience.