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The Best Pierrades Of The Moment

Have you heard of cooking on a grill stone for a long time and wanted to buy this accessory? That’s good because reveals in this buying guide all the criteria to remember to choose your barbecue grill. You will also discover a classification of the best models offered on the market.

What Is A Stone Or A Grill Stone?

Also called a stone appliance, a stone cooking appliance or a grilling stone, the pierrade is a natural stone accessory that allows food to be cooked.

The Best Pierrades Of The Moment
The Best Pierrades Of The Moment

It is therefore a more modern version of stone cooking already adopted by our ancestors in prehistoric times, since the stone is here directly placed on a support supplied from the mains. Its main advantage is linked to a healthier diet because it requires no addition of fat during cooking. Meat, fish, vegetables and even fruits, all savory and sweet delicacies pass there!

This type of equipment can very well take place in the middle of the dining table during the meal so that everyone can grill their food and season it according to their preferences. Most models also come with different plates for a variety of uses, namely a crepe pan, a grill, raclette pans or a plancha.

What Is The Best Pierrade?

Our site offers a comparison of the 3 best models of toasting stones currently available on the market.

How To Choose A Quality Grill Stone?

Depending On Its Power

The power of an electric stone cooking appliance is one of the first criteria to check when choosing your own. In fact, the higher this power, the more time it will take for the stone to heat up before you place the food to be cooked.

The Best Pierrades Of The Moment
The Best Pierrades Of The Moment

And that’s not all, because the stone also needs a temperature high enough to allow perfect cooking of food. It must therefore be very hot when you place the ingredients on it. This is why we advise you to favor a power of at least 1200 watts to benefit from a fairly rapid heating time and a really hot stone.

In addition, it is always preferable that you choose a machine with an adjustable thermostat in order to adapt the temperature according to the food you plan to cook. A high temperature will usually be necessary to cook beef, chicken or turkey, while a low heat will be more suitable for fish, fruits and vegetables.

Depending On Its Cooking Surface

The consumption habits are not the same for a couple, a family with two children and a large family of more than 5 people. The choice of cooking surface will depend on the amount of food to be cooked, as well as the number of people who will be gathered around the table.

A stone to grill for 2 people will be more than enough for a single person or a couple who hardly receives guests for weekends. On the other hand, if there are many of you at home, choose a large stone platform that will accommodate a maximum of ingredients on the cooking surface. The latter will not only be easier to use because of the space you have on the stone for handling food, but will also save you a lot of time given the amount of food prepared in a single round.

However, remember that the larger the cooking surface, the more cumbersome the appliance will be and require more storage space. Better to plan a large dining table and a spacious closet if you opt for a stone appliance for 10 people!

Depending On Its Functionality

If you already have different cooking appliances in your kitchen, you may only need a simple meat stone. In this case, this accessory will present a single stone cooking surface and will only be used to cook food on this stone.

The Best Pierrades Of The Moment
The Best Pierrades Of The Moment

However, if you wish to benefit from several functionalities on a single device, recommends that you choose a stone for grilling with plancha, grill, crepe maker or even raclette pans.

Indeed, there are today a wide variety of 2 in 1, 3 in 1 and even 4 in 1 devices that include several hobs allowing you to cook food in different ways and make a multitude of savory dishes and sweet. This versatile equipment is very practical to vary the pleasures and so that all the guests can prepare their dishes according to their desires. Also remember to choose a model with a juice tray and removable cooking plates to make your task easier when cleaning. The best would even be that they are compatible in the dishwasher.

Depending On Its Quality And Aesthetics

Available in various materials, the stone can be of a more or less good quality. Hence the need to carefully check its manufacturing quality so that it can serve you for many years. The best model will always be a natural stone grill stone that will easily withstand high temperature cooking.

The Best Pierrades Of The Moment

On the side of the other cast aluminum or ceramic hobs, a non-stick coating is preferred to facilitate maintenance. Do not forget to check that its assembly is perfectly done and pay special attention to its other features if it has one. We also advise you to opt for a product with a warranty period of up to 3 years.

Finally, do not hesitate to take an original stone cooking appliance that can embellish your dining table and that matches the decoration of your interior. The device can have a round, oval, rectangular or square shape. In addition to the baking stone, the other elements that make up your equipment can also be made of wood, stainless steel or plastic of all the colors you choose as you wish!

Why Buy A Good Grill Stone?

To Achieve Healthier And More Natural Cooking

To detach us from our usual menus as well as overly fatty dishes that we buy very often from fast foods, there is nothing healthier than cooking on stone to grill. This cooking method is very popular because it respects the properties of food and enhances their natural tastes.

It also allows you to grill all kinds of food, from vegetables to fruits, including of course meats, fish and shellfish. And what most benefits this accessory is its ability to cook evenly without adding fat. Its non-stick properties are very beneficial for health, since food can be grilled without oil or butter. You will then get tasty dishes without fat, cooked to ideal temperature thanks to the thermostat.

To Enjoy A More Friendly Atmosphere

Placed directly in the middle of the dining table, the barbecue stone guarantees a convivial lunch with family or friends. You will no longer have to be alone in the kitchen to prepare the meal for an entire army, because you can even involve your guests in cooking food. Everyone can then take care of cooking their food according to their desires and preferences in terms of seasoning, level of cooking and accompaniments. And in addition to the grilling stone, the appliance can also have a griddle plate or raclette pans! It is the best way to enjoy an atmosphere of sharing and conviviality.

Which Stone To Grill?

Discover our selection of the TOP4 of the most sold pierrades of the moment.

What Is The Price Of A Pierrade?

Depending on the quality of manufacture of the appliance, its functionalities, the size of its cooking surface, as well as its brand, the price of a stone can vary from around thirty euros to around a hundred ‘euros.

The budget to be planned will essentially depend on the type of product you are looking for, whether it is a single or multiple use model.

How Does A Grill Stone Work?

Using a grill stone is fairly simple. Start by finding the ideal place where everyone can easily cook around the appliance. Then plug it into a power outlet and let it heat for at least 20 minutes.

Salt the stone with fine salt before placing the food on it in order to preserve its natural taste and prevent it from clinging to the stone. You can repeat the salting during cooking if necessary. Be careful not to add fat on the stone to avoid causing heavy smoke and wait until the food is on your plates to pepper it. Do not forget to unplug the appliance at the end of your cooking and let it rest until it cools before moving it.

How To Properly Clean Your Pierrade?

Before cleaning the stone cooking appliance, wait until it has completely cooled down, i.e. at least one hour after use. Remove all the removable elements, namely the juice bottom, as well as the resistance and the stone if they are removable.

Clean the support with a sponge soaked in a little water and washing-up liquid, rinse with a damp cloth and dry with a dry cloth. You can also clean it in the dishwasher if it is indicated in the instructions for use.

For the stone, remember that the detergents are too aggressive. A sponge soaked in hot water will be enough to remove leftover food. Otherwise, you can rub the stone with a lemon, flesh side so that the acidity allows to freeze the dried food residues. Leave to act for a few minutes and put a damp sponge in it, then dry with a clean, dry cloth.