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Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products – Comparison

Indoor pollution is no longer a subject of debate, but a fact. Even in the homes of people engaged in favor of ecology, pollution exists because everyday (dust, viruses, hair) and furniture and other furnishing objects (chemical pollutants). The air purifier is the only solution to improve the air quality of a room.

All purifiers do not work the same way and are not designed for the same kind of surface. That is why we have selected the best purifiers inside the time that the purifier Levoit LV-H132.

What to choose between a filter purifier and ionizer purifier? What budget provision? Must buy filters regularly?

Take stock of the differences between the products to know precisely where you work best.

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Aiibot Air Purifier, True HEPA and …

Anion Air Purifier Air Ionizer house with …

Levoit HEPA Air Purifier with True …

Why Are Our Opinion Reliable?

The products present here were selected strictly on their effectiveness, without outside influence. This seems to be an indispensable element to achieve relevant and useful selections. Thus G tested for you does not work with brands of appliances. Instead, the site works through commissions paid by merchant sites, including Amazon whenever a player enters a command (read more).

So search and comparison are the foundation of each folder as well for small objects such as a weather station for large household appliances. The editors do not hesitate to cross their sources and read various articles see data such as Leroy Merlin or national air quality standards.

Compare Air Purifier / Our Top 3

The best mid-range

The best high-end

Alps Technologies ALPS PA M1

Rowenta PU6020F1 Intense Pure Air XL

Provided with three filters with a true HEPA filter, a purifier for small surfaces (below 20 m²). You can choose between 3 speeds, the lowest not emitting as 25 dB.

Offering 5 stages of filtration, it is a very efficient purifier. It is ideal for surfaces up to 23 square meters and possibly up to 40 sqm. Its flow is 215 m³ / h.

Here is a purifier with 4 filters which NanoCapturTM powerful filter against formaldehyde. With 4 speed, a delayed start and a sensor, it is very complete and suitable for up to 80 sqm.

Provided with three filters with a true HEPA filter, a purifier for small surfaces (below 20 m²). You can choose between 3 speeds, the lowest not emitting as 25 dB.

The best mid-range

Alps Technologies ALPS PA M1

Offering 5 stages of filtration, it is a very efficient purifier. It is ideal for surfaces up to 23 square meters and possibly up to 40 sqm. Its flow is 215 m³ / h.

The best high-end

Rowenta PU6020F1 Intense Pure Air XL

Here is a purifier with 4 filters which NanoCapturTM powerful filter against formaldehyde. With 4 speed, a delayed start and a sensor, it is very complete and suitable for up to 80 sqm.

How Is Made The selection?

The quality of indoor air can play an important role in your health and your well being. In some cases you have to use a dehumidifier (to fight against humidity), in others it will take a humidifier (against too dry air). The air purifier is a very specific product that can be used in addition to one of the two previous products.

Even within the product category purifying the air, there are different models, more or less strong and effective. To compare objectively, here is the list of features that has been taken into account.

For individuals, there are mainly two types of purifiers. The filter purifier must have at least three different filtration systems: a foam filter (against biological pollutants, pollen, animal hair, etc.), an activated carbon filter (against the so-called volatile organic compounds VOCs and odors ) and a HEPA filter, that is to say, High Efficiency particulate Air (against fine particles). The technology of this system is very basic and its effectiveness depends on the quality of the filters.

The ionizer diffused ions in the air purifier which can act directly against the particles that are burdened. They fall to the ground or are absorbed by the purifier (model dependent). Some air purifiers combine the two modes.

The choice of a filter device is a safe and sustainable solution. However it requires some regular maintenance and filter changes. It is therefore necessary to check how easy it is to buy and change filters and especially what is the price of each. The charcoal filter must indeed be changed every 6 to 12 months, while the HEPA filter changes every 12 to 24 months.

This is compare both the optimal surface cleaner (what kind of pieces can I install the device) and the air flow expressed in m³ / h. The set must be adapted to your area. Also it is good to have a purifier with a speed of modular operation. This allows among others to let it run overnight, at a minimum speed for a very low noise level.

Many options can be included depending on the brands and models of purifiers. Here is a selection: a witness for filter maintenance, air quality display, a silent mode, an essential oil diffuser, connected grip, an automatic mode, a timer, programmer, etc.

There is always a buzz that sounds when an air purifier works. It is imperative that it be as discreet as possible. In one room to sleep, it is considered that the noise should not exceed 30 dB.

The design and ergonomics

Design is a personal criterion, the objective being to best integrate the purifier in your home. It should also compare the overall dimensions. Ergonomics concerns the grip and the control panel location and more. The design and ergonomics are often linked.

Best On Air Purifiers – 6 Detailed Presentations

1. Levoit Lv-H132: The Best Cheap

Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Discrete (25 to 46 dB) Control for changing the filter 2 brightness settings 3 speeds against the top odors

Buttons remain lit all the time

The air purifier Levoit LV-H132 is a device that is suitable for rooms and offices with less than 20 m². It is small and discreet. So it only measures 37 cm high and weighs 3 kilograms. So it’s easy to find a location where it can act without being noticed.

This is a filter purifier that has three filters with a true HEPA filter and an active carbon filter. The three are grouped together. There is thus a single witness signaling the change necessary to filter and one product to buy. Note that the price of a triple filter replacement is about 25 EUR, to buy once a year depending on the quality of your air.

Three speeds are available to choose from depending on the circumstances, the surface of the part and the noise level. Thus the maximum speed is much appreciated after a meal to remove all odors. And the minimum speed is suitable for the night, becuase the unit emits only 25 dB.

Two brightness settings are offered to use the purifier as a pilot. The manufacturer announced that it is also possible to turn everything off, but it’s not exactly the case. Indeed, there are still some buttons that are lit and people who like to sleep in total darkness will predict the hide.

online reviews testify to its effectiveness against both allergens against odors. By cons it is necessary to respect their abilities and place it in a room of less than 20 m². Besides, if you have a room of 18m² often polluted (like a studio), opt for a more powerful device.

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2. Partu Bs-08: The Alternative No Dear

Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

5 to 7 color filters Night Good dissemination of clean air ionizer Function Color black

The air purifier partu BS-08 is a product that has been designed for use at night, but that is also very effective to remove odors start the fireplace for example. It is indeed a totally black, easy to set discreetly in a room. It measures 43 cm high and 3 kilograms. The upper part is inclined at 45 ° to allow a better distribution of the purified air. A night is included offering seven different colors. They can be turned on or alternatively you can choose a single fixed color. Of course it is also possible to turn everything off.

Three purification speeds are included. A maximum air flow is 104 m³ / h. This also changes the sound level. At a minimum, the noise is 25 dB less than the sound level of a room night. The vast majority of people will sleep with the device in the room (without placing it next to the bed). At maximum speed, the noise level is 48 dB.

The five levels of filtration possible to tackle all types of pollutants, animal hair to air pollutants related to PM2.5, through the smells of food or cigarettes. An ionizer is also included (as the anions). The filters are grouped to change at once. The replacement filter pack is priced at about € 25. There must be replace every 3 to 6 months.

Attention online some opinions evoke a cooling sensation. It is a mistake, this unit is definitely not on the temperature, but only on the air quality. It can help you sneeze less, but not to be less hot!

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3. Alps Technology Alps Pa M1: Best Middle End

Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

5 stages of filtration Mute easy filter change speeds Three Intuitive Controls

Timer too short for the night

The air purifier Alps AP M1 is a product with five levels of filtration to block a maximum of particles, including the finest and industrial pollutants. Thus it possesses a pre-filter, a HEPA H13 Premium filter, an active carbon filter, a formaldehyde filter and finally an ionizer. Each filter acts on different pollutants. Thus the removal of odor is made of activated carbon. Premium HEPA filter tackles the finer particles further way that many other more basic HEPA filters.

Also this is a powerful device. It has a purified air flow 215 m³ / h. At high speed, it is effective on a surface of 23 m² max. But with the speeds 1 and 2, the purifier can be used in a room measuring up to 40 m². The sound level also varies with speed and even if there is a night mode, a very slight hum is still noticeable. Also note that when active, there is always at least one indicator light. This purifier does not allow to be in the dark night.

Several small functions allow use of the simplest. Thus, a beep sounds when it is necessary to change the filters. For this, the different filters are grouped in a single rectangular block. Everything changes with time and all at once. There should be a price of about € 40 for a new filter. The replacement is done every 6-12 months, depending on your use of the purifier. Easy opening is placed at the front.

The device is thin (16.5 cm) and compact. It weighs 4.7 kg and measures 54 cm high. All control buttons are on the top. It is equipped with a timer to 4 pm, a silent mode and three speeds.

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4. Levoit Lv-Pur131S: The Alternative Middle Of Range

Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Connected Automatic mode Timer 1 to 12 pm intuitive touch keys Monitors Air Quality

No highly effective on odors

Levoit offers with its purifier LV-PUR131S a fully connected device. It works with the VeSync application is available on Android and iOS. On the air purifier, there are many touch control buttons, easy to use. However to enjoy the full capabilities of the product, download the application is strongly recommended. It is also possible to use it with Alexa, but partially (starting and stopping).

An air quality sensor is used to monitor the atmosphere around the purifier. It allows you to get an accurate picture of the situation. Moreover, it is connected to the automatic mode. As soon as the air quality falls, the device switches on itself.

Via the application can monitor the air, opt for automatic mode, schedule the startup with the timer and monitor the real life of the filter. In fact, usually the signal announcing the change of accessories (as it relates to a filter or anything else) is made from a programmed number of hours. However after a hundred hours at the same speed, the filters are not all in the same state. It depends totally pollution every interior. This is why it is so significant that here the change either filter as fair as possible (about every 6 to 8 months). The replacement filter costs about 35 € and is easy to find online.

The air is cleaned by passing through three filters including a HEPA filter and a carbon filter. The assembly may be placed in a chamber measuring up to 55 m², however, optimal operation is measured in a room of 30 m². Reviews are positive on clean air. By cons, in terms of odor management, opinions are mixed. The device seems more effective against odors of foods against chemical odors.

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5. Rowenta Pu6020F1 Intense Pure Air Xl: The Best Premium

Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

4 separate filters to adjust the speed sensor indicates maintenance of each filter 4 speed rate of 345 m³ / h

The Rowenta PU6020F1 purifier model is a comprehensive product that relieve allergy and asthma sufferers. Indeed it has 4 separate filters. Where first there are three fairly conventional filters, the pre-filter (against the hair, etc.), the HEPA filter 12 and charcoal filter. Then the device is provided with a filter which NanoCaptur permanently trap formaldehyde (where the other brands of filters can capture and release if saturation of the filter).

So each filter is independent. A signal informs when to change and there is a signal for each filter, each moving at a different pace. There must be between 20 and 50 € purchase a replacement filter. The most expensive is the NanoCapturTM which is also the most important for health.

A sensor for assessing the air quality and to adapt the speed. In addition, the measured quality is displayed by an indicator light. It is possible to choose between automatic or manual settings management. For that there are four different speeds. The control buttons are easily accessible and simple to understand. the timer or delayed start can also start up (about 1 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm and 8 pm).

This is a more sophisticated air cleaner and more powerful than other models Rowenta. Thus it has a flow rate of 345 m³ / h and it can be placed in an area of ​​80 m² maximum. However it should be noted that this results in a slightly higher power consumption (but barely visible on the bill) and a slightly higher level sound. For the most sensitive people it may start being too audible. Otherwise, it still remains below the 30 dB, which is recommended for the night (it emits 28 to 52 dB depending on speed).

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6. Philips Ac2887 / 10: Alternative Premium

Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

Triple filtration Vita Shield 3 speeds 3 modes of operation Very silent flow of 333 m³ / h

Filter expensive replacement

In many ways, it resembles the previous Philips purifier purifier. This is a device with three separate filters. It is thus possible to change only one who is dirty. This triple filtration, named Vita Shield protects the house from pollution, allergens, viruses and bacteria. For this three operating modes including sound. One can choose auto mode (which goes with the air quality sensor), the allergen mode and the viruses and bacteria. In addition there are also three speeds.

The flow is very powerful: 333 m³ / h. This purifier can be placed in a room or an office measuring up to 79 m². It is not suitable for a room of less than 20 m². It displays real-time air quality with color coding (blue Hopefully, red look very bad qualities and intermediate colors pink and purple) and a numerical display of fine particles.

At night it is a discrete product that we could barely hear. It is possible to dim the brightness of the buttons or completely turn everything off. It is very pleasant.

By cons must know that despite its effectiveness, there is a failure to know before buying. The filters are independent, it means that the HEPA filter and carbon filter are buying one to two times per year. And their price varies between 40 and 50 EUR when purchased directly compatible Philips product. It is at once a real budget and more. other compatible brands of filters exist, but they can pose problems in terms of security. On the other hand, we must recognize that all the efficiency of the device is indeed in its filters.

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And why not…

Here are some interesting air purifiers more, which may be worth it especially if you find in promo.


The Afloia air purifier is a well-rounded product that measures 40 cm high. It is white with the control panel on top. It works with touch buttons and is very intuitive to handle. Thus one can choose between three speeds, but also use a timer with automatic stop (adjustable over 2 h, 4 h or 8 h). This is an ultra quiet product that emits 53 dB at the maximum speed, 30 dB at low speed and 15 dB on speed 1.

Filtration is a four-time and manages 90 m³ / h. A red indicator light lets you know when to change the filter. There must be to do every 3 to 6 months the quality of your air. The top has a pilot with two different brightness.

Best Air Purifiers In 2020 6 Reliable Products - Comparison

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Xiaomi – Mi Air Purifier 2S

The purifier Mi Air Purifier is a connected device that parameter from the application of Xiaomi Mi Home. We can plan the Schedule of commissioning. It works for it with WiFi. It is a rectangular purifier, white and gray. It is bright, but it adapts its light to ambient light so as not to dazzle.

The filtration is done in three layers. It can handle 310 m³ / h and is suitable for a part of a surface of up to 37 m². Three operating modes are available: favorite, standby and automatic. Indeed app can precisely monitor the air quality in the room and to operate the unit when this is necessary.

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Rowenta Pu6080F0 Intense Pure Air Connect Xl

Here is an air purifier that works on large surfaces. Thus the product Rowenta Intense Pure Air Connect can agree in a room up to 140 m². With 4 levels of filtration, it 100% filter allergens and fine particles (tests carried out on a surface of 25 m²). It is a device to the electronic control panel, also accessible via an application.

Everything is done so that the grip is as convenient as possible. So the purifier senses the air quality and adapts the filtration rate based on the results (there are 4 speeds). A delayed start (until 8 pm) is also included. One can also opt for the boost mode if necessary to quickly purify the surface. Night mode allows not hear (or so depending on your sensitivity to sound).

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Questions Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Finally, here are some additional items to allow you to have really the answer to all your questions.

How Does An Air Purifier On?

The principle is simple and is carried out in three stages. Air is drawn into the unit and then it is filtered and then it is rejected.

However if we often speak of filtration, it may be a misnomer. Indeed many devices based on several filters placed one after the other. However other models purify the air from photocatalysis, ionisation, UV or ozone.

How To Use One Of Air Purifier?

There is not much to do to use it. Just install centrally and switch it on as explained in the instructions. Then, simply follow the maintenance instructions once every three months.

How to Maintain One Of Air Purifier?

Maintenance is absolutely necessary and must be done carefully reading the instructions. Indeed at first the poorly maintained purifier risk of consuming more to run, then it will give the illusion of work when in reality he does not purify the air.

These are devices with filters that require the most maintenance. The carbon filter and HEPA filter should be changed at regular intervals. A thicker filter, often in tissue, can be machine washed (it loads in general to capture the pet hair and dust).

How Long To Operate On A Air Purifier?

The ideal is to have an automatic purifier, ie that detects the level of pollution in the home and sets off himself. So it is useless to think about it and only filter maintenance is manageable.

But otherwise these are devices that are initially designed to operate 24 / 24. It is therefore possible to let the light permanently or so to use it only when you are home.

How To Measure The Quality Of The Indoor Air?

It is difficult to evaluate yourself the air quality at home. If some of your visitors might be bothered by pollution immediately, politeness prevent you to report a problem.

For this we must be equipped with reliable equipment. Some quality weather stations can give you credible information.

Otherwise there are also sensors particles, carbon monoxide detectors or complete kits for testing various types of pollutant. As you make your choice based on your needs and your budget.

Conclusion: What To Buy Air Purifier According to Us?

This is rarely the case, but among the models, so we had to buy an air purifier, we would opt for the cheapest, that is to say the purifier Levoit LV-H132. Indeed over the price and the treated surface, it offers a great value.

However it remains a purifier for people without allergies, it is well suited for those who are shy or who have children. Because if you are looking for a purifier for medical relief, it is better to turn to cleaner technologies Alps ALPS AP M1 or even directly to the Rowenta PU6020F1 Intense Pure Air XL.