Amazing, Ants Build A Wall To Attack Wasps

How the hell did it come to that. I hate wasps I’m literally a running wreck when I see one. How can you let one just hang there I would have already vacated the house and be on the phone to an exterminator.
This is literally my worst nightmare. One wasp can make me do the 100 metre quicker than a cheetah, though love the ‘spy’ wasps flying near the ants and thinking shits about to happen.

I would put some very warm water in a dish, add some sugar and borax, give it a stir and soak a few cotton balls and set them in the areas that have been infested with ants. Works like a charm, by the next morning the ants were gone.

It works great on fleas but please make sure your pets aren’t allergic. I almost killed one of my cats, several years ago, because she had an allergic reaction to borax. Baking soda kills fleas but it might work on ants as well. I’ve never tried it, but if you own pets or have kids, this might be a safer alternative.